Learn about standard mobile rates for enterprise.

Standard mobile rates apply when you've used your mobile plan allowance and for any rates that aren't included in your plan. This includes video calling, international calling or MMS.  These rates apply to current available monthly mobile plans only.

Standard mobile prices exclude GST. 

Rates guide

If you can't see your plan listed above and would like to know what your standard mobile rates are, please contact your Spark Client Lead.

About MMS

An MMS message is a multimedia message. With MMS you can send pictures, emojis, animations, audio, and videos via your mobile. Sometimes SMS (text) messages convert to MMS too – we'll explain this below. 

It’s important to note that there's a charge for sending an MMS. Charges are displayed in the table above. Any charges for an MMS will appear on your bill as a separate line item. 

When do devices convert SMS (text) messages to MMS? 

Devices convert SMS (text) messages to MMS when: 

  • Using iPhone to send features and effects to a non-iPhone user. Or, when iMessage is unavailable. 
  • The SMS includes a non-standard smiley or symbol such as an emoticon, emoji or iPhone X Animoji. We've explained emoji's in detail below.  
  • The SMS is sent to an email address instead of to a phone number.  
  • You send a group SMS message. 
  • The SMS message exceeds the character limit. On some phones this is 160 characters, on others it can be higher. 
  • The SMS message has a subject line.
  • Sending an MMS instead of an SMS is down to the phone you're using and not to do with the Spark network. 

Sending emojis 

If you use emojis in a message it may be treated as an MMS depending on how long your message is and where you get the emoji from. 

Each emoji is worth two characters. If you send a message of 100 characters with an emoji on the end, this will be sent as an SMS and your normal SMS rate will apply. If you send a message with 159 characters with an emoji on the end, this will be 161 characters in total and will be sent as MMS. 

If you use the built in emoji feature on your device, messages with an emoji that are: 

  • 160 characters or fewer are sent as a text message.  
  • Over 160 characters are sent as an MMS. 

If you use a downloadable app feature to send an emoji in a message, then this will always be sent as an MMS no matter how long or short the message. Standard MMS rate will apply.