Perfect for enabling SIP-based VoIP communications

Voice Connect offers a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-enabled service that supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony and connects to your in-house or hosted PBX. It’s a reliable and affordable voice communication service that delivers high definition audio quality for all of your IP voice access needs.  

If you want to bring your voice and data together on a single access circuit and router and are after more efficient unified communications for your people, then our market-leading SIP trunking service is right for you.

HD voice

A high quality voice connection between the Spark network and hosted or on-premise IP PBXs.


Multiple Services over a Single Access (MSSA) capability so you can place voice and data on the same access circuit and router.

Best of breed

We are one of NZ’s most experienced SIP trunking providers. This know-how combined with a resilient platform delivered by our partners Broadsoft, make the access service second-to-none.

Easily integrates

Readily integrates with your existing systems including Skype for Business.

Disaster recovery

Manage redundancy instances across the network as well as site diversity and business continuity number diversion options.

Highly flexible

Increase or decrease your voice access needs and only pay for what you need, on a minimum 24 month service commitment.


Easily adopt new SIP-based services with a future-focused platform.

Voice Connect is billed on a per channel per month basis.  A one-off porting charge and local, national and mobile calling costs apply. Minimum 24-month term applies. Contract disconnection fees may apply if your contract ends early. In order to access Voice Connect a data access is required - either Managed or Over the Internet (OTT). Self-supplied devices or PABXs must have a Spark Permit To Connect certification. Spark terms and conditions apply.

Available extras

House of Travel

SIP trunking delivers a dynamic digital platform and cost savings.

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