Modern Management - Enterprise Mobility + Security

Do you struggle with not being able to do all the things you can do in the office while working remotely? Are your staff being locked out of devices a lot of the time? If this is you, do you want to make your IT experience smoother and simplify IT support costs - then Spark's EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) is the solution for you.

Spark's Modern Management solution addresses these challenges with a solution delivering true unified endpoint management for your end users, IT team and your business. It combines mobile device management (MDM) capabilities with mobile application management (MAM). This makes it easier to control a variety of devices in a way that protects your corporate data, while still allowing employees to be productive regardless of the device or location.

A unified approach across your business

Spark's Modern Management solution delivers a true unified endpoint governance for your end users, IT team, and your business.

For your end user

Support modern work styles. Enable access to business data and applications via both BYOD and business devices, regardless of location.

For your IT team

A device and application management service, to improve compliance whilst maintaining user productivity.

For your business

Complete control over information access, while improving productivity. Full visibility of compliance status and rich insights on opportunities to improve efficiency.