Cost-effective solution for SME and large enterprises. Easily send text messages to your people and customers.

Access anywhere

View your account from any browser and have any responses sent direct to your email inbox, web browser or mobile.

Get going in 2 days

Seamlessly integrates into your existing systems such as your CRM software and your website using a simple messaging API.

Message help

Easily create and save message templates for users to choose from when sending text messages. Use the web calendar to plan and automate your messages for a later time.

Online control

Set pre-defined rules, manage address books and distribution lists. Generate detailed usage reports with a user-friendly admin interface.

Increase customer engagement

Enable your sales teams to get closer to your customers through integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce (coming soon). Additional charges apply.

Simple messaging solutions

  Clean, modern and easy to use

  Personalise messages

  Easily insert links or files into your SMS

  Schedule message - time and day

  Translate into other languages

For more information, view eTXT overview

Key features

  Web Portal, Email or API   Reduced long code reply cost   Enhanced message threading
  Consistent or unique sender ID   8 statuses for SMS delivery   Comprehensive reporting

CRM Plug-in

Deliver automated, personalised messages that will capture customers attention, drive improved engagement and boost ROI for your business. Easily integrate with your existing Saleforce or Microsoft Dynamics applications. Additional charges apply.

Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce

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Frequently asked questions

Each eTXT account is linked to a mobile number that starts with 027, called the Primary number. You will be allocated a dummy billing number as the Primary number when you register.

Note: eTXT messages that you send out are not covered by the free messages you may get with your mobile plan.

All set up and monthly fees will be billed to the Primary number, as will all charges incurred by each user. You will also be charged for messages sent to invalid numbers.

Each 160 character segment is charged as one eTXT.

The recipient handset is not charged for replies to your eTXT if they have free SMS on their contract.

eTXT CRM Plug-in set up and monthly fees will be charged additionally. Messages sent via CRM Plug in will be charged additionally at rates defined in eTXT pricing.

You can send and receive messages using eTXT in several ways: 

  • The intuitive web portal allows you to send and reply to messages, as well as manage your account, report on usage, and much more. Easily and securely accessed via your web browser.
  • Send and receive SMS messages via your existing email application. Just add your email address or domain with the web portal and start sending.
  • Integrate your custom business applications with our powerful messaging APIs to send large volumes of messages or set up webhooks for replies.
  • Integrate eTXT into common business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Netsuite and more.

Yes, you can add as many users as you want to share your eTXT account.

If you need to separate messaging within your business, we recommend creating sub-accounts for different departments or use cases.

To use Spark eTXT CRM Plug-in, an eTXT access account is required. If you don't have an eTXT account access, you won't be able to use the features of the eTXT CRM Plug-in. If you're already an eTXT customer, contact your Spark Customer Lead or give us a call on 0800 GET ETXT (0800 438 3898) extn 1. Additional set up and monthly fee is charged for the eTXT CRM Plug-in. If you don’t have eTXT access account, you can SIGN UP today

We support Microsoft Dynamic and Salesforce at the moment. 

Please refer to our Support site for more information on how to use eTXT. If you have questions, please contact your Spark Customer Lead or give us a call on 0800 GET ETXT (0800 438 3898).