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Perfect for keeping your infrastructure safe, your business running 24/7 and when you're ready, seamless adoption of cloud services

Our Data Centre Services enable you deploy your IT assets in any one of our professionally built and operated data centres located across the country – reducing your capital costs and freeing up your IT resource from the complexities of managing an in-house network. 

Our newest, award-winning, data centre in Auckland provides space for more than 400 racks spread across four truly independent data centres within one single physical footprint. The ground breaking design is one of Australasia’s most advanced facilities and offers unrivalled data centre reliability and sustainability.

Across our wider network of tier 2 or tier 3 data centres, you’ll receive world-class uptime, security and service availability. We’re carrier neutral so you can use either our extensive connectivity offerings or, should you choose, another provider’s connectivity options to our data centres.

With our subsidiary companies Revera and Computer Concepts Limited (CCL) we bring you an extensive range of cloud services, enabling your journey to the cloud. A cloud-based solution means you can focus on technology outcomes and have flexibility to scale and meet your changing business needs.

Choose from simple server housing and rack space options, facility monitoring, co-location and utility management services or take a longer-term view and target progressive systems consolidation, hybrid cloud deployment and virtualisation to realise significant cost savings.  Whatever your need, our state-of-the-art data centres have you covered.

Best of

Our award winning Auckland data centre, energy efficient Christchurch site and government certified Wellington site represent the next evolution in data centre design and implementation.

Unrivalled national

16 data centres throughout New Zealand provide exceptional geographic redundancy and local proximity to your core business.


We combine decades of experience managing data centres and leading cloud services from Revera and CCL to bring you advanced, cloud ready data centre services.


Connects into Spark services or those of other major telco providers, making it easy to choose your communications links.

High speed

Spark’s Optical Transport Network delivers a fast, low latency, high-capacity fibre backbone nationwide to provide the ideal flexible connectivity to or between our data centres.


Our latest data centres employ evolutionary electrical and ‘green’ cooling design built with sustainability in mind to ensure maximum availability coupled with high levels of efficiency.

Superior security

Specific sites include security guards on-site 24/7, real-time CCTV monitoring, electronically locked racks, client cages, individual authorised card swiping and security controlled biometric access.


Designed to withstand earthquakes, floods and fire, including building level base isolation, gas suppression systems, data hall independence, innovative ‘no-ATS’ electrical plant design and geothermal cooling.


Our Takanini, Auckland data centre won the Property Council New Zealand 2016 award for best industrial building and is recognised for its ‘green’ credentials.

24/7 service

Around the clock management and maintenance of the facilities and support from our service desk.

Usability features

Our latest data centres include build rooms, onsite storage, hot desk, site WiFi and even lunch room facilities for your use.

Why move your equipment to a Data Centre?

Hosting your own equipment onsite comes with a large amount of risk and associated cost. Thinking that your business should move to the cloud in the near or far future? Then house your equipment in a cloud ready environment to make the step up to cloud easier.

Have you had a thought about what would happen if your equipment goes down? You stand to lose revenue, productivity and one that is often forgotten about -  the damage to your brand. On average between $80,000 and $120,000 is the per hour loss of revenue that businesses report when their systems go down. However, the cost to lessen this risk is expensive when self-managing.

Data Centre Services

Browse these feature sets then let's discuss the data centre solution that best matches your needs

Terms, conditions and installation fees apply.

Available extras


Ticketed data centre access

An access card and an access ticket are required to enter a Spark data centre. The ticket number will need to be quoted when you arrive on-site.

To request ticket access, log a request with the Data Centre Service Desk by completing the following request form.

Download Spark Datacentre Request form

If required, a Spark host will supervise the site visit. All visitors will need to produce photo identification to the Spark host, who will ensure it matches the request raised with the Service Desk.

See below for response times.

Requesting access when emergency or urgent work is required

Emergency or urgent access requests must be called into the Data Centre Service Desk. They will arrange access with the Spark data centre on-site personnel.

See below for response times.

Response times for all access types

Response times for all access and service requests are within the timeframe below:

Access/Request Type

Contact Type


Response for Support


Phone service desk

1 hour

4 hours


Phone service desk

4 hours

24 hours


Email service desk

24 hours

3 days


Email service desk

72 hours

5 days

Ordering an access card

At most of our data centres, you’ll have access to your equipment with an access card. The access card is unique to each individual and is loaded with your unique access type.

To obtain an access card, complete the following form and supply a passport style photo of the applicant to go on the access card. As per the form, this needs to be submitted to

Download Access Card Application form

Access cards are usually delivered within seven business days.

Renewing an access card

Access cards are valid for two years from the date they were created. To renew an access card, complete the following form. As per the form, this needs to be submitted to

We will send out new access cards to replace your existing one.

Download Access Card Application form

Access cards are usually delivered within seven business days. To avoid any inconvenience please submit your application form as early as possible.

Change of authorisation for access

To change authorised access for any of your access card holders, or to request a list of current authorised people for your organisation complete and submit the following form. Select 'Other' in the Type of Work field.

Download Datacentre Request form

Adding or removing equipment from a rack must first be approved by the Spark Power Committee. This is to ensure power and cooling capacity are available. The standard turnaround time for power requests is up to seven business days. To avoid any inconvenience, please log your request as early as possible.

Please ensure the Rack Design template is fully completed detailing all existing equipment. If you are unsure of the equipment in your rack, we recommend you complete a self-audit or we can complete one on your behalf.

To add or remove equipment, log a request with the Data Centre Service Desk. Download Equipment Change form

Note: Be sure to complete the Rack Design tab in the form.

To request cabling to a new circuit, log a request with the Data Centre Service Desk by completing the forms below. Following receipt of your request, a quote will be provided within three business days. Once you have accepted the quote, cabling should be complete within seven working days. 

Download Cabling Request form

Note: Cabling requests must come from a data centre customer, not from a network provider on their behalf.

Remote Hands requests may be made to carry out a simple activity by a Spark Field Engineer on your behalf.  

Simple activities include visual inspections of equipment, power cycling devices, disconnecting and reconnecting cables and acceptance and storage of equipment delivered by courier.

Complex requests such as replacing a server, device, or hot swapping a hard drive cannot be performed by the Remote Hands service.

Remote Hands may be requested via the Data Centre Service Centre.

Download Datacentre Request form

If urgent Remote Hands work is required, contact the Service Desk directly.

The tape handling service is available to add or remove tapes from tape devices or libraries in a customer rack, to an agreed schedule. The service also extends to swapping tapes to be stored offsite with an offsite storage provider, for tapes to be inserted into the tape devices.

Tape handling service may be requested via the Data Centre Service Centre.

Download Datacentre Request form

To request an audit of your equipment complete the following form. Select 'Other' in the Type of Work field, and complete the details of the rack you would like to be audited.

Download Datacentre Request form

Audit requests are generally completed within five working days. There is a charge for this service and we’ll provide pricing information when we respond to your request.

Available data centre facilities vary between locations. We'll respond to request for information about specific data centres by the next business day. Send an email to

Spark has other data centre related services that are available upon request. Full service descriptions and associated fees can be found within the Data Centre Service Catalogue. All services can be requested by contacting the Data Centre Service Desk directly.

A summary of these services is shown below:

  • Build rooms (where available on-site):
    • Unpacking of equipment before install
    • Build-up of new equipment
  • Auto Transfer Switch - An Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) can be used to deliver dual power to a single powered device, thereby protecting it from an outage to the A or B power feeds
  • Data centre service report – Monthly report summarising the data centre performance over the month
  • Access report – Detailing who has accessed the data centre on behalf of the customer
  • Key safe - Storage of data centre keys (rack, end of row and cage keys) in a wall mounted safe, securely located within the data centre
  • Key management - Keys required at the data centre (rack, end of row and cage keys) can be stored securely at the data centre and managed by the on-site security team
  • Supervised access - The Data Centre Operations team can provide supervised access for staff members or third-party suppliers who don’t have access to the data centre
  • Thermal imagery - Thermal photos of a rack can be taken to show the heat distribution within a rack. A thermal photo can identify:
    • Equipment temperatures and potential faults within equipment
    • Hot spots
    • Airflow problems
  • Tape handling - Adding and removing tapes from tape devices or libraries in a customer rack to an agreed schedule. Swapping tapes to be stored offsite with an offsite storage provider, for tapes to be inserted into the tape devices.
  •  Blanking installation - To maximise cooling efficiency, empty spaces in a rack need to be blocked using blanks. Blanks are used to control airflow and maintain separation between the hot and cold aisles.
  • Cabling services - Provides pre-cabled rack infrastructure environments and patching services. Fibre and copper options available.
  • Data centre migration service - Standardised approach to moving a customer into a Spark data centre. The objective of the service is to make migration into the data centre as efficient as possible.
  • Storage cages - Lockable steel storage cages located in a secured area controlled via Cardax

We'll respond to general information requests by the next business day. Send an email to

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