Establish or scale your threat detection response program fast

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a comprehensive and cost-efficient 24/7 security monitoring program designed to quickly detect and shutdown dynamic threats across your entire technology ecosystem.

Our highly specialised security experts use our global threat intelligence platform and leading security technology to provide 24/7 monitoring, AI powered threat detection and rapid response and remediation, plus in-depth guidance to protect against future threats.

Cyber-attacks never stop. Neither do we. Partner with us to get protected quickly and benefit from the always-on security coverage necessary in today’s hyper connected world.

Fight smarter, not harder

breaches faster

Our cyber defence team leverage decades of managed security expertise to investigate, remediate and respond in minutes, not hours – 24/7. 

your efforts

Get ahead of emerging threats by rapidly scaling your security program without the challenge of hiring constraints, at the same time freeing up your IT team.


Armed with industry best practise and Spark’s Global Threat Intelligence we cut through the noise and quickly get to the heart of any cybersecurity threats. 

Comprehensive protection, around the clock

We provide all the capabilities to monitor and detect attacks before damage is done, reducing the risk to your organisation and improving your security posture.

Nextgen SIEM utilsing UEBA, SOAR and AI provides continuous monitoring across your organisation's infrastructure incorporating Sparks latest intelligence on threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures, to improve investigative efficiency and reduce false positives.

Our global intelligence platform leverages threat intelligence feeds from our exclusive global security networks and technology partners along with our unique findings from threat hunting on our internet network.

Get the eyes of New Zealand’s largest Security Operations Centre. Experienced cyber defense experts provide 24/7 monitoring, detection, investigation and rapid response, delivering end to end ownership through to resolution.

Spark threat hunting agents proactively search for emerging threats lurking undetected in your network, leveraging the Mitre Att&ck framework, and stop them before they do harm.

A Spark Virtual Security Manager helps elevate your security posture with expert analysis of your risk and threat landscape, then recommending real-world strategies for continuous improvement.

Our Managed Detection and Response solutions

MDR for Sentinel

Next generation, cloud native MDR built on Microsoft Sentinel combined with our world class SOC allows you to maximise your Microsoft investment while elevating your security profile and reducing alert volumes and resolution timeframes.

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MDR for Endpoint

To beat sophisticated threats, you need to expand your cybersecurity capabilities. MDR for Endpoint, powered by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, extends your hunting and investigation capability to weed out false positives and provide complete visibility of your full environment.

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MDR for Email

Email is today’s biggest attack vector for cyber criminals. MDR for Email and the experts at our Security Operations Centre provide a comprehensive threat detection, investigation and response solution for one of your most important communication platforms.

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