as a Service

Perfect for helping government agencies deliver better citizen outcomes

Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) integrates our current cloud computing offerings with a cloud communications framework to provide government agencies with a fully managed per user, per month solution for keeping people connected. Delivered ‘as a Service’ it’s a new and more agile way of delivering technology and services that allows government agencies to turn up or down to scale to changing needs - on a per user basis.


As we manage all of the infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and updates, you remove in-house complexity and instead free-up valuable capital and IT-resource to focus on what’s core to your agency.

TaaS is an All-of-Government framework, meaning government agencies can easily select and begin consuming a range of our products and services with speed.


At Spark, we believe when everybody does what they do best, we get to a better place and we’re excited to be able to play a significant role in helping the shift to better services, better delivery and better outcomes for New Zealanders.

Highly adaptive

Scale services up and down plus add or remove to suit changing needs and only pay for what you require.

Predictable costs

Pricing is on a per user, per month basis to help you budget more effectively.

Evergreen upgrades

TaaS includes innovative technology over the life of the service without the need for further investment.

Government approved

Services are up to the standards government expects ‘out of the box’.


Freedom to work here or there and collaborate internally or inter-agency with the right tools and support

Best of breed

Supported by Spark’s powerful network and extensive cloud and IT capability including market-leading services from Revera, CCL, Appserv and Spark Ventures.

Mobile excellence

A robust mobile network that includes 3G mobile coverage in 97% and fast-4G coverage in more than 90% (and growing) of the places that NZ-people live and work.

Eligible Government agencies will need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with the Department of Internal Affairs before we can share more details with you about TaaS and from there, a Memorandum of Understanding will need to be signed to uplift TaaS Services.

Get started

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