What is Cloud Managed Network?

Cloud Managed Networks is a simple, fast and smart network management for your organisation. 

Need more efficiency and productivity in your network? Cloud Managed Network uses the best Software Defined-Wide Area Networking technologies flexibly to deliver more.

You can easily manage your LAN, WAN or WiFi networks and make real-time decisions efficiently by securely connecting all your business sites to a Cloud Managed Network.


Make changes quickly, with a cloud-based portal that gives you real-time visibility. Plus, improved application performance and optimised network connections mean a better user experience – and increased productivity.


You can rest easy knowing your organisation is protected from anywhere, with malware protection, intrusion prevention and content filtering. Plus, 4G failover means even if your main connection goes down, business continues.

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How will it help my organisation?

Centralised control

The cloud-based portal gives you a holistic view of your network environment, plus the ability to proactively manage your network.

Real-time visibility

Keep your organisation agile. With real-time visibility, you can identify opportunities for improvement and respond quickly.

Optimised performance

Prioritise traffic across your connectivity to improve application performance and enable productivity.

Reliable connections

With a 4G enabled device, wireless failover comes included. So your business will keep running smoothly if the primary connection fails.

Simple scalability

With a templated network and security configuration, Cloud Managed Network quickly adapts to your changing needs.

Remote connectivity

Encryptions work to keep your network secure, so you can continue your day-to-day work from anywhere, at any time.

Safe and Secure

Get peace of mind with threat defence technologies, for secure communication with cloud applications, branch offices and data centres.

Spark support

Help from the experts is always available. Get help Mon-Fri from 7am-7pm, or make it 24/7 support for an additional cost.

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