Need a smarter way to do network management?


Cloud Managed Network uses leading Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technologies to increase productivity and efficiency in your business. Smart network management enables you to make real-time decisions and adjust and scale to fit your changing business needs. Plus you can do all that while staying connected from anywhere.



Bring the future faster



Get superior connectivity experience with business continuity.

• Stay connected even if the network goes down.

• Peace of mind from knowing you're secure anywhere.


Increase network efficiency and productivity.

• Manage your network with centralised control.

• Identify opportunities and respond with real-time visibility


Scale and adapt to fit your business needs.

• Connect anytime from anywhere with encrypted security.

• Adapt quickly with templated network configurations.

The right solutions for your business

We’ve partnered with leading SD-WAN technology vendors to bring secure and flexible network management that fits your business needs and is easier to use.


Cloud Managed Network Meraki is an all-in-one solution for simple, secure and optimised access to applications and resources from anywhere.

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Unlock the power of the cloud, with rapid connectivity and unparalleled security with our Cloud Managed Network VMware solution.

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Lotto NZ uses Cloud Managed Network, powered by Fortinet. It manages network capacity and provides a secure, reliable service experience for all Lotto players.

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