How does Managed DDoS benefit businesses?

Distributed Denial of Service attacks create widespread disruption and inflict financial loss. Managed DDOS from Spark protects your business from the risk of these ever-increasing attacks.     

What is Managed DDoS from Spark?

Managed DDoS is a comprehensive and fully managed DDoS protection service powered by Spark's global intelligence network. Spark Managed DDoS provides an intelligent, real time monitoring capability that automatically identifies and mitigates malicious activity. 

Managed DDoS is one of many services that Spark provides to protect your online assets and infrastructure.


Stop attacks before they happen


Enjoy global protection with flexible mitigation.

• Get protection housed in our resilient Global Gateway that provides protection for both national and international internet traffic.

• Choose manual and proactive attack mitigation options.

• Protect your brand and customer loyalty by guaranteeing internet services -- even while under attack


Security made of best of breed technology

• Security backed by the leading Arbor’s ATLAS global security intelligence service.

• Experience traffic monitoring, automatic detection and notification of volumetric DDoS attacks.

• Quick identification of threats from the global intelligence network, with most threats identified before they’re fully launched.


Get full management by our local 24/7 teams with choice of self-service options.

• Benefit from New Zealand’s largest Security Operations Centre's expertise.

• Get access to self-service portal for granular policy management and detailed reporting.

• Allows your IT teams to stay focused on managing core infrastructure and delivering priority IT projects.

Extra solutions to help secure your business

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