Consumer simple and enterprise secure. Access any app on any device.

Modern Management - Workspace ONE

We know that the way people work is changing. Today people want to work using a variety of devices. Likely, all with different operating systems and may not be visible to the IT department. Enabling flexibility without compromising security is a crucial focus for IT departments today. The challenges are:

  • End-users need to be productive anywhere and on any device in a secure way.
  • People want to have a consistent user experience regardless of location and device.
  • Fragmentation of management tools leads to higher support costs.
  • Lack of comprehensive visibility across endpoints, apps, and end-users. This results in inaccurate asset management, inadequate security, and compliance risks.

Spark's Modern Management solution addresses these challenges with one platform. Spark's streamlined deployment process and service desk ensures you're supported at every step.

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A unified approach across your business

For your end user

Consistent experience on any device including BYOD. Enjoy the benefits of one touch single sign in and simple self service catalogue.

For your IT team

A single, scalable platform combining identity and device management. Allows for powerful access control and complete device lifecycle management.

For your business

Complete control over information access, while improving productivity. Full visibility of compliance status and rich insights on opportunities to improve efficiency.