Deliver faster, smarter, more personalised experiences

Creating a unique customer experience


From AI-powered self-service to personalised, empathetic interactions and employee engagement.

Our Cloud Contact Centre solution delivers state-of-the-art capabilities in an all-in-one customer experience platform.

Powered by leading Genesys CX, Cloud Contact Centre offers you everything you need out of the box, delivering a seamless, intuitive and personalised experience for you to meet customers through any channel.



Enhanced experience

Deliver consistent connected customer journeys from any channel. Cloud Contact Centre will help transform your contact centre into an experience centre.

Engaged employees

Give your team the tools to be empowered. Gamification of your contact centre KPIs enhances team engagement, and boosts learning and development.

Gaining an edge

Embrace technology designed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Let Genesys technology and Spark’s expertise and infrastructure help you gain the competitive advantage.



Take your customer experience to a higher level by empowering agents and delighting your customers, with Cloud Contact Centre.


Choose from a bundle of self-service channel options that can support any customer service strategy: from speech enabled IVR systems, AI powered voice bots, to personalised recommendations based on customer history and preference. You can also add AI powered chat bots to provide 24/7 customer self-service help.

Cloud Contact Centre offers asynchronous messaging as well as smart routing and blended prioritisation for emails. Asycnchronous messaging will help to turn leads captured straight from your website into text conversations, while emails will be automatically distributed to the best-fit agent based on content analysis and keywords.

By enabling co-browse and screen share features, your customers can share what they are looking at with agents, to make interactions simple and painless.

Improve your productivity and reporting capabilities with AI inbound voice routing, configurable voicemail greetings and email notifications. Have the flexibility of adding immediate or delayed customer call back options (IVR or web) so they can keep their place in the queue.

Proactively reach out to your customers using their preferred channel using Genesys Cloud’s advanced technology. Contact data is integrated with your business systems so messages can be sent at the perfect time, using voice or digital messaging.

Advanced rules allow you to manage campaigns with inbound traffic to increase productivity.

Management features including recording across all channels. Transcription and sentiment analytics surface insights about customers and agents, helping to automate the quality process.

Genesys Cloud’s native Workforce Management uses AI to create the perfect forecast across channels, and schedule staff to deliver on goals and outcomes. Built-in tools bring transparency to agent performance, driving coaching, learning and development. Agents are reached through performance dashboards and a mobile app.

Highly configurable performance dashboards provide real time and historical information. Quickly access the information you need to reach your objectives.

The Genesys AppFoundry marketplace provides access to hundreds of approved applications designed to work with Genesys Cloud.

Our comprehensive strategy for transition has been developed over many implementations. Spark’s dedicated delivery team work alongside you, sharing insight and expertise gained across many customers and businesses. We can can help transform your contact centre and deliver a seamless move from old to new.

Why choose Spark?

At Spark we are more than a Genesys partner, we are one of the largest customers in New Zealand. We trust Genesys Cloud CX to manage our interactions with thousands of New Zealanders every day. Our depth of experience, as both a Platinum partner and a user of the solution, has translated into our own customers’ award winning contact centre implementations.

Partnerships and expertise

Lean on our team certified experts and contact centre experience. Use our Platinum partner status to access Genesys specialists, as well as insight and input into Genesys road map.

Comprehensive support

Our complete end-to-end solution provides full incident management. Rest easy, as it has you covered with proactive monitoring of Edge devices, spare equipment and 24/7 Spark support.


We have a stringent security assessment for all partners we integrate onto the Genesys platform. So you can be confident your data and operation will be safe and secure.

Testing capabilities

Comprehensive testing of third-party integrations in our test lab supports seamless application into your environment.

Transition strategy

Our comprehensive strategy has our dedicated delivery team work alongside you, sharing insights and expertise. Ensuring a seamless move from old to new.

Our experts have you covered.

As a Genesys Platinum Partner, you can trust us to get more
out of today’s leading technology.