Ideal for capturing and transferring information on the go

AMS provides highly flexible and scalable mobile software that allows you to easily convert paper forms into mobile forms.


It will enable your people to capture, process, send and receive virtually any kind of business data on their mobile devices in real-time, in any format with speed and ease.  It removes the need for paperwork, reduces errors and removes unnecessary travel time. 

Creating the forms is easy and sending them is a breeze. Simply choose Word, Excel or PDF format to send them, then download the forms in the way that suits – emailed as documents, downloaded as CSV or XML files, viewed in an online database or integrated with existing IT systems.


AMS is transforming the way many businesses operate, especially for those in the health, agriculture, transport, construction and government sectors.

Work on the go

An easy-to-use data capture tool that allows your people to access business data on the go, and send and receive in real-time.

Get started right away

An intuitive interface helps you convert your paper-based forms into their mobile form equivalent – no coding required and no need to retrain staff on what information they need to collect.

Secure platform

Supported by an in-country mobile platform that runs within Spark’s highly reliable and robust data centres.

Unlimited data types

Use any formatted data type, including text, numeric, photos, videos, signatures, images, locations and barcodes, all in one file if required.

Seamless integration

Integrates into your back-end systems in real-time based on open standard technologies.

Device neutral

Works on most devices including Android, iOS and Windows.

Developer support

User guides, developer Wiki, a support desk and private webinars to help you get started.

Highly flexible

Fully open and extensible platform enables tailored development to meet your unique requirements.

Your monthly price is based on the number of users you wish to connect in addition to a standard monthly platform fee. An additional one-off installation fee of $300 ex GST applies. Minimum term of 12 months applies. Contract disconnection fees may apply if your contract ends early. Spark terms and conditions apply.

Available Extras

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