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Statistics New Zealand

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An innovative solution to support a more integrated co-location of government agencies that enables interoperability, cross-agency efficiencies and ultimately a better service to those it serves.


Spark’s Telecommunication-as-a-Service, including Wi-Fi network delivering data, voice and video to desktops, and Revera’s cloud service for shared room booking systems, shared print and authentication.


Nine agencies successfully sharing a modern, flexible working environment with wider government using it as a model of innovation for co-locating more of its agencies and improving public services.

“Our partnership with Spark provides us with the opportunities to innovate so our services can be of even greater value to New Zealanders”

Chris Buxton, CTO, Statistics New Zealand


Nine government agencies have moved into a new building in the heart of Christchurch’s CBD – together they are among the first to benefit from the government’s first Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) implementation.


The nine agencies, with a total of 380 public servants between them, share a modern, flexible working environment that is geared towards accommodating staff mobility, shared meeting rooms and networks.


Statistics New Zealand CTO and lead on the project Chris Buxton says such integration will ultimately help the agencies to be more productive and provide more value to those it serves.


A prosperous country

For Statistics New Zealand, a shared services approach will help the organisation to unleash the power of data to change lives as it provides access to a richer data source from partner agencies - quicker and at less cost.


Data can easily be shared across the network by onsite or visiting inter-government colleagues who can also work side-by-side anywhere in the building. Chris says that joining forces with fellow agencies will help Statistics New Zealand to work smarter on projects and feed its reports and online tools with even more valuable data and market research than what is available in-house.“


It will help our business customers to make more informed decisions that will see them thrive at home and abroad and guide government on important economic and social decisions for the benefit of all New Zealanders.”


Meeting demand

Telecommunication-as-a-Service removes the need for each agency to own and manage its own network. Instead each tenant rents a virtual service from Spark and only pays for what they consume with the ability to quickly modify services to meet changing needs.


Chris declares, not only does this save taxpayers money but also it means that agencies will be better placed to meet future public demand. This is because government can quickly modify its telecommunication and data services to support new initiatives, temporary projects or even set up a new agency to work on site.


Next on the roadmap is another TaaS implementation for Statistics New Zealand’s HQ in Wellington as well as its Auckland office, whilst at the same time Chris is driving a project to realise how video conferencing, IT telephony, and unified communications through TaaS can help all of the co-locating agencies to innovate further.


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