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Waimakariri District Council

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To provide fast and reliable mobile connectivity to council staff working away from the office, even in the more remote areas of the district where their jobs take them.


Great value mobile plans, backed by a robust 3G/4G mobile network, deployed to 200 council staff using Spark’s Telecommunications as a Service.


Council staff are able to work from almost anywhere on their devices, be more productive and respond better to the people of Waimakariri.

“Spark’s mobile network performs exceptionally well and is helping council staff to stay connected and be productive while working remotely.”

David Ayers, Mayor, Waimakariri District Council



As the third highest growth area in the country, Waimakariri District Council has a big role to play in ensuring its services support the rapid growth in both residents and businesses moving to the area.


In a move to better support the district via its staff, especially those working remotely, the council chose to move its mobile connections to Spark using Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) - an All-of-Government framework that removes the need for any lengthy RFP’s.


Mobile coverage almost everywhere

After testing Spark’s mobile coverage for two months, ICT Team Leader David Sewell says it was a unanimous decision to move it’s 200 mobile connections to Spark. 


“The network performed incredibly well, even in some of the more remote rural areas where previously network availability had proven to be problematic.”


“It’s now much easier for staff to make and take calls, send and receive emails and be available to colleagues and customers without worrying about connectivity,” adds David.


“It’s our water services team, rural fire, Civil Defence and building inspectors who are reporting a big improvement. They’re able to use their mobile devices even when their work takes them to the back hills and valleys within the district.”


Freeing up IT resource

Since moving to Spark, David confirms there has been a significant absence in complaints from staff about poor coverage. This, combined with the support the council receives in usage monitoring and alerts, is saving the IT team at least eight hours a week.


A real benefit confirms David, is this time is now being used to focus on projects that help support council services and Waimakariri’s rapid growth.


Keen to continue empowering its workers and bettering its services, David says the council has set its sights on additional Spark TaaS solutions, namely voice IP telephony and video conferencing - both fully managed services that can be deployed quickly and don’t require in-house IT resource to maintain or update.


In the meantime, the council is capitalising on Spark’s powerful mobile network to roll out a new mobile solution that will allow its environment health officers to submit data into the council’s system via new Spark mobile tablets.  It will also mean they can assess health and safety at shops and eateries and issue licences on the spot.



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