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Persuasion Theory

Are you selling too hard when you should instead be making people want to buy? Dr. Sommer Kapitan explores Persuasion Theory - tapping into the consumer psychology behind selling and buying.

She outlines some proven ways to influence decisions based on academic studies and tested theory; making an item seem scarce or rare, for example, and how you can build and enhance that perception amongst your customers. There are six key parts to the Persuasion Theory approach and Sommer will provide you with a take-home guide you can use to start lifting your sales game.


The 6 Parts to Persuasion Theory are:

  • Reciprocity - if you do something for someone they have a tendancy to want to return the favour.
  • Commitment - when people say they are going to do something there is a greater chance of them doing it
  • Following the crowd - people tend to do things that others are doing
  • Authority - people tend to obay authority and listen to people in percieved power
  • Liking - people are more easliy persuaded by peole they like
  • Scarcity - when something is not readibly avilable, people desire it more



Enjoyed Sommer's top tips? Watch her full length presentation here: 


Sommer Kapitan at Spark Lab



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