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Technology plans

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The best way to get the most from technology is to develop a plan with aims and objectives on how technology can support and grow your business or organisation.  


Why is a technology plan important for my business?


A technology plan is important for defining where your business' technology and infrastructure are at and where you want them to be in the future.

It's a plan that articulates what you want to get out of technology as well as indicating the key IT technology projects for the year or longer. 


Steps to create a technology plan


Typically the steps involved include;


  • Assessing your existing technology and engaging with staff, colleagues to hear about technology issues.


  • Agreeing what your aims are for technology (maybe staff development, improved access, new services)


  • Determining what your future needs are; this can be done as a brainstorming session.  Consider things like;


  1.  New software
  2.  Existing software – updatesor customised to better met your needs
  3.  Hardware – replacing obsolete, getting new
  4.  Networking changes, wifi
  5. Cloud migration
  6. New technology
  7. Professional development –what skills will staff need to use new technology or make better use of existing technology (see section on how to develop an IT Training Plan)
  8. Policies and procedures –what should you have that you currently don’t e.g. BYOD, Acceptable Use, DR, teleworking, security
  9. Online presence –establishing, improving online marketing
  10. Security – improving backupsystems and other security measures
  11. Review processes - whatshould be reviewed, how often, what process should be followed


  •   Don’t forget to look at the relevant items on your plan developed through Digital Journey.


  • Create a number of projects based on the future needs; tie these back to the aims for the year to prepare a draft Technology Plan.


  •  Prioritise your organisation's needs. Ensure you set clear and realistic dates to achieve your plan's projects.


To help you on your way


Here are a couple of links:


  • This guide provides an overview oncreating a Technology Plan (or Roadmap) for a Small Business.


You can take the components you need from this document to develop your own plan, and of course cross-reference this to the plan developed through Digital Journey.  



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