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3 ways to make your marketing strategy work hard for you

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Marketing strategy vs marketing plan. What’s the difference? The words ‘strategy’ and ‘plan’ aren’t the same thing. Your marketing strategy is the big picture actions you’ll take to achieve long-term goals. Your marketing plan contains the tactical efforts you’ll make to reach those goals.  

1. Marketing strategy tips
When you’re thinking strategically, you want to look outside the box for an edge over your competition. For example, you might consider these long-term ideas:

  • Collaborating with related companies to expand your customer base. If you were a high-end fashion brand, you could partner up with a high-end automotive brand.
  • Securing user-generated content for your website. This could mean incentivising customers to write their positive stories about your product or service. Feeding new material into your website is an important marketing task.
  • Partnering with an influencer, such as a celebrity or known expert.
  • Leverage PR for free media space by creating some news around your product or service, then sending targeted stories to relevant media.
  • Getting more business from existing customers by connecting with them more often through email, video, social or text.
  • Start blogging to build your profile as an expert in your specific market sector.

2. Organise a think tank
Many heads are better than one for generating marketing ideas. Get your best thinkers in a room together to brainstorm solutions. When you and your team are working on your marketing strategy, make sure you keep customers front of mind (audience personas and customers journey maps are great for this). Consider hiring a marketing consultant to join your strategic think tank. A professional could run the workshop, offering advice and ideas along the way.

Most importantly, make sure you capture all the ideas that bubble up. Photograph the whiteboard before it’s erased!

3. Combine proven strategies with new ideas
When you’ve got your shortlist of strategic ideas, turn them into actionable, measureable tactics. For instance, if your overall strategy is to increase website traffic and customer engagement, your tactics could include trialling banner advertising, increasing Google AdWords advertising and adding a chat function to your website. When you’ve developed these new tactics, enter them into your marketing plan along with the proven tactics that have worked for you before. Refer to your marketing plan often and enjoy trying all your ideas for connecting with customers.


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