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9 ways to get ready for a productive year

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Want to start the new year revved up and ready to go? We do too, so we’ve rounded up some habits, quotes, books, apps and podcasts from all around the internet to get you focused, creative, productive and inspired.

We hope you find information, advice and ‘a-ha moments’ that resonate and contribute to a successful year ahead.


1. 25 Best Habits to Have in Life

This list from Entrepreneur offers 25 habits to work into your daily routine, including the benefits gained from smiling and drinking water with lemon.


2. Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t

From Harvard Business Review, a look at the difference between stress and burnout, including how to manage the first and avoid the second.


3. Want to Improve Your Life and be a Better Person? Read these Books

Medium offers this list of 10 books that cover topics including learning, productivity, ego, our connected age, and leading a grounded life.


4. Ev Williams: How I Keep Tech in Check

Ev Williams is CEO of the abovementioned Medium and co-founder of Twitter. He shares three practices for ‘harnessing technology without letting it harness you’. An important one is meditation - 20 minutes of sitting (or sometimes walking) per day is enough for him to stay relatively grounded amid everyday anxieties.


5. 10% Happier

The 10% Happier podcast is presented by Dan Harris, a US newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America which led him to meditation. On the podcast, he talks with different people about ‘whether you can be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)’.


6. TED Radio Hour

You’ve probably heard about Ted Talks videos. There’s also the Ted Radio Hour podcast if you like to get your inspiration by ear.


7. 20 Best Productivity Apps and Programmes for 2017  

This list contains some apps and websites we didn’t already know about. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is already a favourite (and pretty difficult to do).


8. Why You Shouldn’t Work More than 90 Minutes Without Taking a Break

Lifehacker offers a look into research explaining why it’s important to take regular breaks during your work day.


9. 7 Quotes to Inspire Your Creativity in 2017

These quotes from an Inc creativity and innovation contributor cover motivation, working with others, innovation and experimenting with ideas. Our favourite: “There is no I in team, but there are two in Innovation and two in Creativity. It's all about people, and how you motivate them to be creative.”


Here’s to a great year

Everyone has different ideas of what’s inspirational and we hope you found something worth reading, listening to, downloading and sharing. To see how your business could work smarter in 2017, check out some of our products to improve productivity.  All the best for a happy and successful 2017 from everyone at Spark.  


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