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6 must-have digital tactics for your business

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Since the first website went live on August 6th 1991, digital media channels have been steadily stealing ground from traditional media. To ensure your business doesn’t get left behind, it’s imperative to include digital activity in your marketing plan to drive more people to your website, make a statement in social media and get your brand noticed.  


Here are six ways to make your digital marketing efforts more effective:


1. Your website must be ‘responsive’. It should resize automatically to fit any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. A responsive website is a ‘must have’ these days, because more websites are now loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers 1. You can quickly see if your current site is responsive by viewing it on your phone. If you can’t read text without zooming, it’s time for a new site.


2. Your site also needs to be ‘search engine optimised’. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can change the future of your business. Good SEO requires identifying the keywords and phrases your audience would use to find your products and services. These words are woven into written content on your site, and also written into your site’s ‘meta data’. See our blog, How to get the most out of SEO and SEM to find out more.


3. Advertise with Google Adwords for greater reach. To complement SEO’s organic reach, paid Google AdWords is a fast, flexible, cost effective way to get your brand in front of your customers. Just search for ‘Google AdWords’ and follow the step-by step-instructions.


4. You need an up-to-date email database. An accurate database of customer email addresses is a gold mine. It’s even better if you can segment those customers into specific groups, based on their age, location, life stage or the products they buy from you. Database marketing using cloud-based email tools is cost-effective and has the potential to be very powerful.


5. Try social media to get your brand in more places. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest – do some research into who’s looking at these channels most often, then try advertising with the ones that best meet your target market. It’s not difficult, you just need to give it a try and learn as you go.


6. Consider digital display advertising – it’s much more than the little banner ad. Digital display advertising, like the kind you see on TradeMe and, is pretty clever today. You can have animations, multi-step messages and sliding banners. You can target specific audiences and even remarket to those who didn’t click through the first time around. To see what’s possible with digital display, have a look at the examples that media networks like Stuff and NZME offer.  You can also search for display and banner advertising companies who can explain what’s available and place ads for you.


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1 Mobile web usage overtakes desktop for first time, Telegraph UK, November 2016



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