Security through pre-emptive assessment of existing infrastructure

New Zealand businesses experience threats and attacks from all over the world. They also come from within their own networks. These threats arm themselves with an arsenal of ever-increasing, sophisticated exploits.

Attackers go after infrastructure that connects to the internet. They enter and move within the network to attack other assets. Your business depends upon a robust IT infrastructure for business continuity.

Our Vulnerability Assessment services takes an independent ongoing view of cyber exposure. It enables a prioritised approach to reducing the real risk to your organisation, so that you can focus your limited resources on critical threats.

The service combines industry-leading technology with our Cyber Defence Operations expertise. This means we can constantly identify and prioritise vulnerable internal and external infrastructure.

Key deliverables


Identify the IT assets (servers, desktops, network devices) in your environment. Track exposure to threats and the effectiveness of your security strategy over time.


Assess your IT environment against industry benchmarks such as CIS.


Guidance on where to focus remediation activity, enabling better security outcomes from limited resources.


Notification of any critical vulnerabilities as soon as they're detected. Reduce the window of exposure, and risk of compromise from high impact vulnerabilities.


Leading technology

A cloud-based solution utilising industry leading technology deployed by Spark Professional Services.

24x7 dedicated expert support

Experienced cyber security analysts available when you need them.

Internet perimeter scanning

Conducted from the cloud. Identify vulnerabilities within your internet exposed infrastructure, including external hosting.

Endpoint scanning

Identify vulnerabilities on servers, desktops and devices within your organisation using network-based credentialed scans or via installed agents.

Compliance scanning

Scan and receive independent reporting on your compliance with industry benchmarks such as CIS.

Asset discovery

Discover and report new devices with network-based scans of defined areas in your network.

Asset prioritisation/tagging

Identify and group assets, with rules to prioritise and assign vulnerabilities to the correct resolver groups.

Ongoing tuning

Gain insight through constant optimisation to remove false positives/false negatives and iterative categorisation.

Critical vulnerability alerting

Reduce the time you're exposed to newly detected critical vulnerabilities through non-reporting-cycle notifications.

Detailed reporting

Independent, ongoing reporting on vulnerabilities, remediation and recommendation on prioritiszed assets, prepared and explained by experienced security analysts from our Cyber Defence Operations team.

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