Secure Managed

Advanced protection, perfect for keeping your business and customer data safe

Secure Managed Firewall offers advanced threat protection, expert security management and rich visibility to keep your data safe and your business running.


We have services that will protect and authenticate your devices or user access, as well as options to protect and enable your applications. We can support single devices or a family of devices located at one or several of your sites, including your branch office network, data centre or cloud service.   

Our New Zealand-based security specialists are among the best in the industry and fully manage your services 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about protecting your business from cyber-attacks.

Range of options

Application firewalls, anti-virus, client-less remote access and site-to-site VPN’s of single devices or a group of devices located at a single site or across several sites.

End-to-end management

Full service experience assurance and service aggregation that aligns with ITIL service management with options for restricted, secret and top secret outcomes.

Adapt to your needs

Add or remove further layers of protection as your business needs change.

Visibility and control

View security incidents across business processes that enables retrospective action to be taken.

Lifecycle management

Full platform and lifecycle management that ensures optimum match between threat landscape and security services deployed.

Local support

24/7 management and support for your devices in both New Zealand and overseas and less than four hours restoration on hardware for most national locations.

Standards based

NZISM certified and accredited along with mature governance and risk assurance frameworks for industry best practice and the first New Zealand member of FIRST/CERT.

Professional services

Access to expert guidance and advice from New Zealand’s largest team of certified security consultants.

Dedicated security team

New Zealand’s largest security operations team managing your service 24/7 from our Security Operations Centre.

To provide cost certainty we recommend one of the monthly fixed term plans that allow you to add or delete services. When you take any of the above services, a standard (defend) service fee is applied, with optional uplifts to plus (detect & respond) and advanced (prevent & comply). Pricing is based on your specific requirements and will take into account a combination of the number of users, devices applications and services that need to be managed, the location of the devices and any configuration features required to support your needs. An individual installation fee applies. Monthly pricing will be determined once we know the components and costs, but will be a combination of the number of services and the number of users that want to consume the services. Term options are 12, 24, 36 and 48 months, as well as open term. Spark terms and conditions apply.

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