Elevate your security posture by augmenting your team with ours

We bring our global threat intelligence, highly experienced threat hunters, and well-oiled processes to capitalise on your Microsoft Sentinel investment. Together we can deliver faster, more adaptive defence, while freeing up your resource and reducing cost.

Our Nextgen SIEM service utilises UEBA and AI to provide continuous monitoring across your organisation's infrastructure. Sparks latest intelligence brings context and insight to events to quickly detect current, emerging and evolving threats.

Comprehensive SOAR automation capability within our SOC supports faster response through machine learning and automation, freeing up capacity to focus on complex threats and implementing learnings to better protect against future threats.

Taking only a fraction of the time and expense of managing your own SIEM, MDR for Sentinel can be implemented faster and at a lower cost than building your own team. 

Seamless orchestration of technology, intelligence and expertise

Unrivalled Threat

SIEM that provides full 360-degree visibility over your networks and assets, with real time and historic search capabilities that help your security teams correlate activity, and other threat indicators to deliver deeper insights.

Faster Detection & Response

Leveraging inbuilt SOAR capabilities, our expertise, IP and pre-plans combined with best practise, you can automate manual workloads and optimise security incident investigation.


We have a range of security add-ons that scale to the current and future needs of your organisation and provide a path to help elevate your security posture.

Our Microsoft experts have you covered.

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