Keep your website safe

In today’s digitally accelerated world, customers are demanding a more personalised experience. Your web properties are now increasingly your customers’ primary means of interacting with you.

At the same time, malicious actors know where the money is. So your organisation’s websites, apps and portals are often the focus of their efforts to exploit vulnerabilities. In the process, they can compromise customer accounts and commit large-scale fraud.

This can be devastating for your business operations, customer loyalty and brand.


Application security that delivers to your needs

Spark application security solutions protects apps and APIs across multiple architectures, clouds, and ecosystem integrations. This reduces your risk and operational complexity while accelerating digital transformation.

Managed security

Continual policy tuning, management and 24/7 monitoring to improve your customer experience.

Mitigate vulnerabilities

Mitigation for OWASP Top 10 application attacks such as SQL Injections, cross-site scripting and other common attacks.

Compliance achieved

Our services are compliant with international standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 Type 2.

Protect your applications where they live

We have the skills, services and capabilities to protect your applications across private and multi-cloud environments.

Advanced detection

Detection based on our advanced analytics and incident validation. As well as remediation recommendations by highly skilled security analysts.

24/7 Security Operations Centre

Complete management and in-life maintenance by our experienced security engineers.

Protection before you need it

Comprehensive, adaptive security that protects your apps against ever evolving cyber threats before they happen.

Our Application Security solutions

Secure Application Publishing

Secure Application Publishing provides all the tools and expertise you need to safely publish an application to private cloud environments. It comes with an extensive range of application security and performance features for additional protection.

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