Simple, cost-effective premium SMS services

SMS has proven to be a desired business tool allowing you to send messages to multiple people at once. With its high engagement rate, you can be sure your messages will be heard.

Spark Messaging Solutions offer flexible channels to suit your needs including email to SMS, dedicated web portals and multiple API plug ins to integrate with your existing systems. There are numerous use cases including order confirmations, overdue reminders, staff rostering and product offers making these ideal for large businesses needing to communicate with staff or customers on a regular basis.

With our two SMS offerings, we’ve got you covered. Find out more below.

Spark eTXT

{"newVAS/item0/./image":"/content/dam/sparkdigital/images/icons/purple-tablet-roundel-icon-v2.svg","newVAS/item0/./text":"Send from long digit codes e.g. 027 XXX XXXX XXXX","newVAS/item0/./iconId":"","newVAS/item0/./icon":""},{"newVAS/item1/./image":"/content/dam/sparkdigital/images/icons/store.svg","newVAS/item1/./text":"Reduced message reply costs via SMS bundles","newVAS/item1/./iconId":"","newVAS/item1/./icon":""},{"newVAS/item2/./image":"/content/dam/sparkdigital/images/icons/communities_purple.svg","newVAS/item2/./text":" SMS Local NZ & Aus reach","newVAS/item2/./iconId":"","newVAS/item2/./icon":""}

Spark Business Messaging

{"newVAS/item0/./image":"/content/dam/sparkdigital/images/icons/purple-tablet-roundel-icon-v2.svg","newVAS/item0/./text":" Send from short digit codes e.g. 1234","newVAS/item0/./iconId":"","newVAS/item0/./icon":""},{"newVAS/item1/./image":"/content/dam/sparkdigital/images/icons/store.svg","newVAS/item1/./text":"Ability to send promotional messages","newVAS/item1/./iconId":"","newVAS/item1/./icon":""},{"newVAS/item2/./image":"/content/dam/sparkdigital/images/icons/communities_purple.svg","newVAS/item2/./text":"SMS local NZ & international reach","newVAS/item2/./iconId":"","newVAS/item2/./icon":""}


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You're in good hands, with many of New Zealand's enterprise organisations relying on our solutions and infrastructure to support their most critical systems.

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