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Find additional guides to help you make the most out of your Mobility as a Service experience.

Need to make a change to your account?

You can do this through your MySpark Business Portal which is preferred. Otherwise you can also request by following the below steps.

Note: If you need to report a lost or stolen device please use the email template below or contact your helpdesk.
To log a fault on your device you'll need to contact your helpdesk using the details below.

Step one: Choose the type of request from the options below 

Step two: Download the email template and make sure you're sending from
your work email address

If you have any issues opening the Outlook email templates, please refer to this guide

Step three: Complete the fields. Mandatory fields are coloured red. 

Step four: Send the email to your corresponding Service Desk below:

  • Corporate customers:
  • Government or TaaS customers:


That's it! Your request will then be actioned by the
Service Desk and you should receive email notifications along the way.


Note: Once devices are allocated to your team, they cannot be swapped between staff. If you need to change users, you’ll need to request a new connection for a new device and return the old device to be removed from the account.

Standard Mobility as a Service Customer Forms

Note: If you also have a Spark End Point Management service, please use the forms further down the page.

Mobility as a Service with a Spark End Point Management Service

If you have a Spark End Point Management service, please use these forms. Do not use the forms in the section above.

Need help? Get in touch

Corporate customers

0800 482 290 option 2


Government or TaaS customers

0800 822 773