Cost-effective solution for SME and large enterprises. Easily send text messages to your people and customers.

Access anywhere

View your account from any browser and have any responses sent direct to your email inbox, web browser or mobile.

Get going in 2 days

Seamlessly integrates into your existing systems such as your CRM software and your website using a simple messaging API.

Message help

Easily create and save message templates for users to choose from when sending text messages. Use the web calendar to plan and automate your messages for a later time.

Online control

Set pre-defined rules, manage address books and distribution lists. Generate detailed usage reports with a user-friendly admin interface.

Across the ditch

Can deliver to Australian mobile numbers.

Simple messaging solutions

  Clean, modern and easy to use

  Personalise messages

  Easily insert links or files into your SMS

  Schedule message - time and day

  Translate into other languages

For more information, view eTXT overview

Key features

  Web Portal, Email or API   Reduced long code reply cost   Enhanced message threading
  Consistent or unique sender ID   11 statuses for SMS delivery   Comprehensive reporting

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Frequently asked questions

Each eTXT number is linked to a mobile number that starts with 027, called the Primary number. You will be allocated a dummy billing number as the Primary number when you register.

Note: eTXT messages that you send out are not covered by the free messages you may get with your mobile plan.

All set up and monthly fees will be billed to the Primary number, as will all charges incurred by each user. You will also be charged for messages sent to invalid numbers.

Where you have elected to allow your eTXT users to send long messages, each 160 character segment is charged as one eTXT.

If you want to spread the charges across multiple accounts, each one will require its own 027 number and postpaid plan.

The recipient handset is not charged for replies to your eTXT if they have free SMS on their contract.

eTXT should work with any program capable of sending emails such as, IBM Notes and Microsoft Word. We recommend you turn off BackScatter when using eTXT, as it can cause the messages to be marked as spam.

Note: If you do want to use BackScatter, you'll need to make sure your whole domain isn't registered. See the Provisioning a new user to an existing eTXT account section below.

How to use eTXT

Below are some key eTXT processes which might help you. A full list of instructions can be found in the User Guide. See User Guide

  1. Login to the eTXT Application
  2. Click Compose
  3. Enter the recipient's number or the name of a Contact or Group in your address book in the To field

    Note: Suggested matches will appear as you type.
  4. Click the + button or press Enter to add the recipient to the Recipient List
  5. Enter your message in the Message field
  6. When you are ready, click Send
  7. If you don't want to send immediately, click the drop down button next to Send and schedule a time

eTXTs can be limited to 160, 306, or 450 characters in length. Admins can set this within the eTXT Application.

Note: Messages that are longer than 160 characters will be charged the appropriate rate for each 160 character block. Customers will receive a single message. Long messages count as a single message towards your daily limit.

The sender's details will not appear in an eTXT. We recommend including your details in either the email subject line or at the top of your email message. You can also setup an automatic signature that will appear at the end of the message.

An eTXT can be replied to at any point up until another message is received from the same user.

  1. Log in to the eTXT Application
  2. Click Contacts from the drop down
  3. Contacts page will display
  4. Click Create Contact in the top right corner
  5. Enter the following details:
    • Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Alias
    • Email (optional)
  6. Click Save
  7. Contact person is created
  1. Log in to the eTXT Application
  2. Click Contacts from the drop down
  3. Contacts page is displayed
  4. Click Groups
  5. Click Create Group
  6. Enter the following details:
    • Name
    • Alias
  7. Click + next to the contacts to include in the group
  8. Click Save in the top right corner

You can add a new user by following the steps below or completing the new user form. See new user form

Email the username that you would like removed to

Requirements and security

eTXT makes use of some modern HTML5 code as well as javascript so it won't work so well on older browsers.

We recommend Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or above, Chrome, Firefox or Safari as eTXT makes use of responsive design - using up your screen effectively in these browsers. 

To access and use eTXT you will need a browser that:

  • Supports cookies
  • Has JavaScript enabled
  • Has 1024 x 768 or above screen resolution

Note: IE 7.0 and older is not supported. We suggest upgrading to the latest version. IE 8 will work, however eTXT will downgrade to a slightly lower resolution.

Some browser plugins or extensions, for example Grease Monkey, interfere with JavaScript. If you're running these, you may need to disable them or add to the exclusion list of the plugin or extension.

Security is a major concern when accessing websites you don't know and have not grown to trust yet. All traffic to and from the eTXT service is over secure HTTPS connections. None of your personal information is stored in cookies on your PC but we recommend that you check this yourself to put your mind at ease.

You may also notice that using the browser BACK button may cause an error to be displayed. This reduces the chance of messages being resubmitted by mistake and also prevents any of your pages being accessed should someone attempt to replay your session from data they may have intercepted. Trust us, that is a good thing even though it is a little annoying at times. You can usually navigate using the buttons and links within the application so you shouldn't need to use the BACK button.

On the subject of security we recommend you do not use the same password on our service as you do for other online services. Although your password is securely stored on our systems, we also recommend you use different passwords for other online services for added security.