Get your business setup for Contact Tracing

Have customers SMS their details on entry. Contactless. No app download or webpage visit. Low Cost. Simple and reliable.

Ensure your visitor management strategy is accurate and effective

Here are some top-level considerations for your contact tracing strategy:

  • Gather all the relevant information: this may include a time-stamp, so you can easily identify the date and time the visitor was on site.
  • Screen the visitor: ensure they are not at a high risk of introducing the infection to your site and have protocols in place to manage ‘high risk’ visitors.
  • Timely alerts: send alerts when a visitor arrives to the appropriate people.
  • Health and safety procedures available: ensure visitors have access to all the appropriate information they may need.
  • Reduce anxieties: inform visitors of the expected procedure before they arrive. You can text them beforehand or display it on your website.
  • Easy access to your visitor database: you'll be able to share it with the Government if needed.

Contact tracing data shown on a laptop

SMS Platform

Connect and engage with your customers

Our SMS platform can help you better plan and communicate in emergencies:

  • SMS is fast and easy
  • Our API integrates with your system to ensure your contacts are automatically up to date
  • Supports multiple lists for managing different audiences collectively or individually
  • Use templates for quick communication
  • Manage business communications centrally, streamlining BCP processes
  • 2-way messaging allows you to easily respond to people who need help or receive feedback
  • Cloud-based platform removing the need for an internal platform
  • Sophisticated reporting suite to manage replies and provide further insights
  • URL links can direct people to real-time info and more complex forms