It's never too late to put together a continuity plan

SMS, when executed correctly, is your most powerful communication tool. But as with all successful communication, you need to confirm your plan.

  • To be vigilant in these times, consider SMS based comms. It's direct, fast & actionable.
  • Covid-19 has raised the need for continuity planning.
  • Situations are changing quickly and ensuring your messaging is well planned out will help keep people safe, and help minimise impacts on your organisation.
  • For more information on BCPs, provides a wealth of resources.

Case study

Keep staff informed during emergencies

Quick and effective communications are key during emergencies.

One of our clients had an emergency requirement to reach staff easily to keep them up to date during the uncertainty of moving to lock down. They also wanted to communicate how the levels affected individuals in their roles and attendance to the office.

Previously, their BCP plan allowed for sites to divert to others, but Covid-19 of course meant that all offices would be closing, requiring them to quickly move to home working. Our SMS platform allowed them to easily keep staff up to date and instruct them on what  they were required to do.

Toddler sleeping on father's shoulder while still holding toy

BCP messaging strategy

A good strategy covers multiple formats, messages and actions to be taken. Here are some top-level considerations for your messaging strategy:

Image of text messages on a mobile phone using BCP SMS
  • Plan your comms beyond one-off messages: consider how situations will change, and how you may send other communications. Numbering updates can help people understand the context of the information they are reading.
  • Frequent updates to key audiences: this can prevent rumours and lower anxiety. In places, sending shorter and more frequent comms are more effective.
  • Consider when to segment your audience: Bulk messaging is good to ensure you reach everyone, but these comms can feel the most impersonal. While sounding professional is key, balance this with a human tone. Sending segmented messaging to different audiences can allow you to be more helpful and personalised.
  • Personalise your message: if possible, use tags like {First Name} to improve engagement.
  • Clarity over cleverness: clear thinking leads to clear writing.
  • Consider creating handset initiated communications: that is, automating the provision of information, to reduce pressure on your contact centre.
  • Match your message to your format and audience: Webinar, SMS, Social Media, and Email are all dramatically different.

SMS Platform

Connect and engage with your customers

Our SMS platform can help you to better plan and communicate in emergencies:

  • SMS is fast & easy
  • Our API integrates with your system to ensure your contacts are automatically up to date
  • Supports multiple lists for managing different audiences collectively or individually
  • Use templates for quick communication
  • Manage business communications centrally, streamlining BCP processes
  • 2-way messaging allows you to easily respond to people who need help or receive feedback
  • Cloud-based platform removing the need for an internal platform
  • Sophisticated reporting suite to manage replies and provide further insights
  • URL links can direct people to real-time info and more complex forms