Fatigue and distraction are major factors in road accidents. All too often accidents and the transport industry go hand in hand, this can often result in vehicles and goods being damaged or written off, people being hurt or even worse, lives being lost.

Ideally you want to introduce technology that will prevent accidents before they happen.

Taupo based company AutoSense is doing just that, and now with the backing of former professional racing car driver and road safety advocate Greg Murphy.

AutoSense CEO Charles Dawson spoke to us in this interactive webinar about how AutoSense are revolutionising the industry through technology. He showed customer case studies and talked about safety solutions for heavy and light vehicle commercial fleets. Plus he highlighted how Guardian by Seeing Machines technology could prevent of fatigue and distraction.


Watch the webinar with Charles Dawson

Charles Dawson webinar

Watch the Q&A session with Charles Dawson

Charles Dawson webinar

About Charles Dawson

CEO of AutoSense

Charles has a background in both large and small businesses garnered from roles in the dental, motor sport events and driver training industries. Through his role as CEO of AutoSense, Charles works with the team to develop and implement driver training programmes for small and heavy vehicles to reduce risk on NZ roads through driver awareness, with the programmes having a profound impact on organisational and individual driver safety results.

AutoSense is a Spark customer. Check out their case study