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We work in a rapidly evolving industry, with new ideas and technologies coming to market daily. We partner with the best to find the right end-to-end IoT solution for your need.

Asset Tracking

Knowing more about your physical assets has never been easier. Get actionable insight using smart asset data, knowing in real time the location, performance, environment and applied contextual data gives your business the edge through effective insight, planning and process efficiency.  

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Smart Sensing

Sensors are the key enabler for IoT, network connected sensors now mean insight can be gained from anywhere. Detecting temperature, humidity, vibration, tilt, leak, motion, light all provide a business with contextual insight into environments. Early insight and putting plans in place to remedy events be it a leak issue, out of range vibrations, level detection of storage tanks, allows you to proactively understanding the things you manage  today.  

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Smart Agriculture

Innovations in the smart agriculture continue at pace, and New Zealand is leading the way in deploying a new generation of smart connected sensors. Agricultural businesses are getting data driven insights and developing new ways of achieving efficiency, all using remotely deployed sensors.  

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Smart Cities

More than smart lighting and rubbish monitoring, learn how data from connected infrastructure can help plan the cities of the future.

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Certified Hardware

Check out the list of hardware including sensors and asset trackers we have tested here. 

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