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We work in an ever-changing industry. New ideas and technologies come to market almost daily. Meanwhile, Spark chooses the best partners to find the right end-to-end IoT solution for your business needs.

Asset Tracking

Get visibility of your outdoor, portable assets, ensuring they are where you need them to be. We use long-life, battery-powered tracking devices, unparalleled network connectivity and user-friendly software from best-in-class partners – all to help you track and manage high-value business assets.

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Smart Sensing

Sensors detect temperature, humidity, vibration, tilt, leak, motion and light. This data can give your business insight into context and environments. These early insights can help you detect and act on leaks, out-of-range vibrations and storage-tank level detection.

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Smart Agriculture

As innovations in smart agriculture continue, New Zealand is deploying the next generation of smart sensors. Agricultural businesses can get data-driven insights and increase their operational efficiency – all with remotely-deployed sensors.  

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Smart Cities

It's more than just smart lighting and rubbish monitoring. Learn how data from connected infrastructure can help us plan the cities of the future.

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Certified Hardware

Check out the list of hardware including sensors and asset trackers we have tested here. 

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