25% of car parks are usually empty on the average work day.

Parking is a constant pain point for everyone – not only the people parking, but also for administrators, finance managers, HR people and sustainability managers. On average, 12% of a company's real estate spend is locked up in car parks. 

Parkable for Business,  a new app from Parkable and Spark, can change that. Parkable optimises the use of empty car parks.

With Parkable, you can do the following and more:

  • Share unused car parks
  • Get real time visibility of usage and availability
  • Lease or build fewer car parks overall
  • Generate revenue and/or reduce costs

Parkable was founded with the ambition of making parking easier, using tech to ensure that businesses and communities make the best use of valuable space. Spark has teamed up with Parkable to provide an efficient, easy way to manage parking.


The big winners

Many businesses can benefit from using Parkable. Here are some sectors with specific use cases.

Enterprise & SME

Enterprise car parks are often the most under used, usually because they’re an administrative burden. Parkable enables easier management and a fairer system of allocation that optimises space and improves everyone’s parking experience.

Tertiary providers

Campus parking can be challenging, with multiple staff, students and the public spread across multiple sites – all with varying levels of permitted access. Parkable manages all those variables. It also encourages planned commuting and sustainability.

Commercial property

Shared parking among multiple groups usually results in a negative parking experiences and uncaptured revenue. Parkable helps you further monetise these assets by controlling limited spaces and offering available spaces to paying users. It creates happier tenants, too.

What can I do with Parkable?

With Parkable for Business, you can optimise asset use, minimise admin time, improve staff engagement and reduce carbon footprint.

Happier people

Staff, tenants and visitors can plan their commutes for effortless parking.

Use space better

Parkable optimises parks and car park footprints to reduce costs or increase revenue.

Reduce admin time

Save time by combining everything you need to manage car parks into one easy-to-use app.

Ready to get started with Parkable?

Choose smart hardware

Our optional hardware is where innovative software meets reliable hardware to create a seamless parking experience. And it all happens on Spark's IoT network, with availability and coverage throughout New Zealand.

Occupany sensors

Take advantage of a self-powered IoT sensor system. It shows car park capacity and opportunities for efficiencies. 

Access control

Choose an access control system that uses the IoT network to streamline entering and exiting car parks.

Choose a subscription plan

Select a basic, medium or super plan. If your parking needs exceed these plans, we'll work with you to design a plan.

Enterprise plan

Looking for more? If none of these plans meet your parking needs, we'll work with you to design a custom plan that's right for you.

Spark + Parkable support

All plans include support and training, as well as installation and ongoing platform support. Spark will work with your business to find the best solution.