Wellington Combined Taxis IoT story



A dated system from multiple vendors caused a lack of data visibility and compromised security.


Transitioned to the Cisco Control Centre and installed CelFi Repeaters.


Complete transparency of the SIMs resulting in a future-proof system with clarity of data, increased coverage, robust security and cost savings.

Using IoT to keep Wellingtonians moving

Wellington Combined Taxis is a large NZ business, with over 600 drivers and support staff, operating 500 taxis and shuttles across the wider Wellington region. On average, they provide 1.4 million rides per year. They pride themselves on their safety record and attention to detail, so visibility of their fleet is paramount.

Their heritage system was run by multiple vendors. This decentralisation created poor economies, with increased costs and a lack of ownership. It also created difficulties with limited visibility of data, poor coverage and worryingly, vulnerabilities to hacking.

How Spark added value

The Wellington Business Hub team understood the business issues facing Wellington Combined Taxis and created a fit-for-purpose system recommendation. The Cisco Control Centre was implemented and boasted benefits like machine learning-powered anomaly detection, smart billing and network management - all backed by Spark’s 4G network. Installation of CelFi repeaters also ensured coverage won't be an issue. Comprehensive training sessions for staff means everyone at Wellington Combined Taxis understands the system and can take advantage of its powerful features.


Using this system has given Wellington Combined Taxis complete visibility of their fleet and data, reduced costs, and a robust security system. They can focus on getting Wellingtonians where they need to be. Here are some of the key outcomes:

  • Complete transparency and visibility of SIMs, streamlining reporting and clarity of data.
  • Increased coverage with the installation of CelFi repeaters
  • Improved security and hacking detection by implementing a two-level security system and hacking alerts.
  • Cost savings through the better utilisation of SIMs.

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Wellington Combined Taxis IoT

Armar Raman
CTO/IT Manager, Wellington Combined Taxis

“This is a game changer for us. With the Cisco Control Centre pulling through all the information we need, we can ensure usage and costs are monitored and maintained."