Spark's Cat-M1 network enabled the rollout of smart meters in NZ


Customer problem

Landis+Gyr wanted to roll out smart metering technology in New Zealand, but it's expensive and limited on older networks


Spark's LTE Cat-M1 network has a wide coverage area and works with flexible communication modules


Landis+Gyr rolled out a robust, cost-effective smart metering solution

Landis+Gyr's IoT story

Landis+Gyr is a multinational company that makes smart meters and smart grid solutions for electricity and gas utilities.

How Spark added value

LTE Cat-M1 is one of Spark's nationwide internet of things (IoT) networks. It runs on Spark’s 4G mobile network to support IoT connectivity in New Zealand.

Spark was the first operator in New Zealand to make its M1 network commercially available. This network supports new and existing IoT solutions, including:

  • wearables
  • smart appliances
  • electricity
  • gas and water meters
  • asset tracking
  • industrial automation

M1 technology is well-suited to battery-powered devices that need to operate on their own for a long time. The Cat-M1 network has a wider coverage area than LoRaWAN. It can also send small amounts of data in near real-time.

Achieving results

Landis+Gyr already had a smart metering solution in place in New Zealand. But it switched to Spark’s M1 network because of our network's wide coverage area.

Rodney Chaplin, the Landis+Gyr General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, says rolling out smart metering over the M1 network is a robust solution.

Spark’s Michael Stribling says the Cat-M1 network is foundational to IoT applications in New Zealand. 

“We’re excited to work with Landis+Gyr to roll out their smart metering technology on our network. We’re focused on delivering the network foundations to allow businesses to use IoT to run their businesses better. ... We’re making IoT real, and we’re seeing huge opportunity for New Zealand businesses and communities to leverage this new technology.”

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Rodney Chaplin
GM, Landis+Gyr Australia & NZ

“Landis+Gyr smart meters, fitted with flexible communication modules, are perfectly suited to take advantage of 4G networks with Cat-M1 technology. This allows us to get to market quickly and provide utilities with robust coverage to ensure the success of the smart metering rollout.”