BoatSecure uses LoRaWAN with Spark to remotely monitor boats and alert owners



An efficient way to monitor boat systems remotely to give boat owners peace of mind and alert them to any issues


LoRaWAN, Spark's low-power IoT network to track battery status, bilge pump activity and location of boats


BoatSecure can operate in areas with low cellular coverage, use long-life batteries and easily install monitors for boat owners

BoatSecure's IoT story

BoatSecure is a remote boat monitoring system based in Auckland since 2018. They work with boat owners throughout New Zealand and around the world. To reach boat owners, BoatSecure partners with marine suppliers. These include Beacon Marine Electrical in Auckland, Half Moon Bay Marine Electrical in Auckland, Pine Harbour Electrical in Beachlands, Marine Solutions Gulf Harbour in Whangaparaoa and DCMarine in Lyttelton.

The BoatSecure system gives boat owners confidence that their boat is safe and secure. Alerts are sent to the boat owner’s phone and to a local manager who can then check on the boat.

BoatSecure uses wireless technology known as LoRaWAN, Spark's low-power IoT network. This network is cheaper and easier to set up than cellular technology (3G/4G). Marine locations without cellular coverage can be set up with LoRaWAN.

Dylan Cox, owner of DCMarine in Lyttelton, explains the value of BoatSecure to boat owners:

“Bad things can happen to a boat on a mooring when no one is around. Rotted fish from defrosted freezers ruining cabins, boats sinking when bilge pumps fail and even fires when onboard power systems fail. Lyttelton also receives very strong winds at times that can break mooring lines, especially for boats moored outside the marina.

The BoatSecure system provides continuous monitoring so that we can check boats remotely and receive alerts if a problem develops. As well as the boat owners getting the alerts, DCMarine provides a management service so that we can respond before a problem gets out of hand."

 BoatSecure system allows monitoring of the following:

  • Shore power
  • Bilge pump
  • Battery voltage
  • GPS location and anchor drift
  • Door alarms and other alarm system statuses
  • Status updates and alerts to both an app and dashboard

See the BoatSecure website


John McDermott
CEO, BoatSecure

"Boat owners benefit from knowing that some of the most common issues that cause problems on boats are continuously checked.”