AutoSense's IoT story



A desire to gain greater data insights from Guardian by Seeing Machines, which AutoSense distributes to its customers


Moved to a data reporting platform called Cisco Jasper

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Better understanding of product data, improved customer service, increased revenue and seamless Trans-Tasman connectivity

Using IoT to help Kiwi companies keep their drivers safe

AutoSense is a medium-sized NZ business with over 200 customers nationwide. Their company mission is to use technology to streamline driver safety training. AutoSense distributes Guardian by Seeing Machines. This technology uses sophisticated eye and face tracking algorithms to detect driver fatigue and distraction, providing immediate intervention when a driver is at risk.

AutoSense's business challenge was that they wanted to gain more in depth insights from the data Guardian  provided - which wasn't available on the platform they were using. Their operational costs were rising and their margins were falling. So they partnered with Spark to find a solution using IoT.

How Spark added value

The local Spark Business Hub built a relationship with AutoSense to get a better understanding of the company and its business problems. Spark then delivered an end-to-end IoT solution that included a market-leading connectivity platform, Cisco Jasper, and Spark's 4G network.

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Achieving results

Using these tools, AutoSense is now getting more value from Guardian data. They improved their product knowledge, increased their revenue but more importantly are keeping drivers safer when driving. Here are some of the key outcomes:

  • Greater visibility and understanding of data from Guardian by Seeing Machines
  • Streamlined data reporting for customers
  • Shortened turnaround times and reduced administrative costs
  • Gained the ability to manage and on-sell data as a monthly subscription

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Charles Dawson
CEO, AutoSense

“Our tech and support teams were facing multiple challenges and lacked true visibility from the technology, impacting productivity and costs. With Spark’s help we have completely revolutionised that part of our business."