asBUILT's IoT story


Customer problem

NZ Strong, a client of asBUILT, faced council regulations on light and noise on their city construction sites


A "smart construction site" in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter to demonstrate the possibilities of IoT in construction


Halved time spent on reporting and managing regulatory requirements; improved management of the construction environment; easier compliance with council regulations on environmental impacts

Watch our webinar with David Burton, CEO of asBUILT


Improving the design, construction and management of built assets with IoT

Operating across Australasia, asBUILT Digital specialises in building information modelling (BIM). Based in Auckland, asBUILT has 60+ staff including software developers and engineers.

asBUILT partnered with Spark to set up New Zealand’s first connected IoT construction site. Using Spark's IoT products, asBUILT's BIM solution gives them an advantage in the market of digital design and construction workflows.

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How Spark added value

Spark worked with asBUILT to understand their desired outcomes. We then designed an integrated solution, including:

  • Light, sound and humidity sensors from Sensum to record environmental conditions and impacts
  • Automated near-realtime reporting with the asBUILT platform, supported by Microsoft Azure
  • Connectivity backhaul for onsite cameras to strengthen security
  • Spark LoRaWAN, 4G and Cat-M1 networks

For the site in Wynyard Quarter, Spark sourced sensing technology and set up the integration with Microsoft Azure. Spark networks are the foundation for connecting condition monitoring devices to the platform. All project partners share one digital ecosystem, resulting in greater collaboration and insights.

Together, we achieved live reporting on almost all aspects of the construction site. Watch the story below.



David Burton
Managing Director, asBUILT

"Technology is enabling asBUILT’s solutions to bring efficiency and certainty to a very stubborn and siloed industry. Spark's ability to provide focused and reliable connectivity is a must for asBUILT to drive change and build trust with our products and services."