Connected IoT

Connect, Manage, Optimise

The network based on 4G technology allows you to transport large quantities of data quickly. Perfect when you need your data in real-time.


Bring your own device or source global standard technology from our partners’ open eco-systems and connect to the network that's best for real-time data.


Proven reliable management platform allows you to optimise and automate every stage of your connected service lifecycle via an online control centre.


Use the data you gather to optimise your business operations, increase service reliability and create leading customer experiences.

A 12, 24 or 36-month term applies. Contract disconnection fees may apply if your contract ends early. Spark terms and conditions apply.

Reputable platform

Powered by Jasper, the globally recognised and trusted M2M platform.


Optimise and automate every stage of your connected service lifecycle via an online control centre.

Automated inventory management

Update configurations, track usage and respond instantly to your pre-set and automated triggers of a devices lifecycle.

Business rules

Create a set and forget control over your connected device - select from a large range of pre-existing rules to simplify the day-to-day operational management of your service.

SIM control

Simplify SIM provisioning and deployment. Pre-order and pre-configure SIMs, and set SIMs to self-activate so billing begins when device usage starts.

Real-time diagnostics

Allows automated monitoring, identification and evaluation of real-time performance along with tools to resolve issues with rules-driven automation.

Extensive coverage

Our robust mobile network provides far-reaching 3G and 4G coverage to support your deployment requirements.

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API enabled

Allow your connected services to interact directly with your other business systems for provisioning, service and support, billing and CRM.

Data analytics

Export and analyse rich data to help you work smarter and better serve your customers.

Flexible pricing options

We offer a range of data plan options to help you deliver and manage the mobile services to support your connected devices.

Network Termination

Connected Mobility allows multiple options for device data termination. Your devices can be routed direct to the internet, via Private APN services into your existing Spark network and data centre or to your Public Cloud services via secure internet services.

International roaming

Get 3G and 4G global connectivity for your devices on overseas networks where Spark has roaming partners.


Connected Mobility enables Kiwi business to control costs and expand globally.

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