Asset Tracking


Our complete solution for locating your outdoor portable assets.


We use long-life, battery-powered tracking devices, unparalleled network connectivity and user-friendly software from best-in-class partners – all to help you track and manage high-value business assets.

Our Asset Tracking solution gives you visibility of your outdoor, portable assets, ensuring they are where you need them to be.

With our Asset Tracking solution, you can do the following and more:

  • Locate valuable assets such as machinery, freights, bins, specialist equipment and large construction equipment
  • Set up alerts when something happens to your asset – such as moving outside of a defined geographic area or not moving when expected
  • Automate manual asset tracking processes to save time and costs


What can I do with Asset Tracking?

Know where your assets are – all the time.

Save time

Locate your assets on-demand. Our solution can automate your existing manual processes.

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Reduce costs

Reduce the cost of locating assets. Plus, know whether your assets are under-utilised or lost.

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Perform better

Get insights about your business operations that can help you improve customer satisfaction.

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See how Mainfreight uses Asset Tracking


Mainfreight uses Spark's Asset Tracking solution to locate hazardous segregation bins. Go to the customer story to learn more

Get started with Asset Tracking now

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Device recommendations are based on several factors, including check-in frequency, asset location and mobility.

Platform subscriptions

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