The internet of things

IoT is the next step in making the world a more connected place. Statista projects that by 2025, over 75 billion devices will be connected worldwide. Learn more from Statista

For many business owners, the internet of things (IoT) can help solve business problems using technology. If you make decisions for a business, you may be wondering how to track your valuable assets, where your company cars are, or if your people are safe.

Here are some examples of how people use the internet of things:

  • Farmers can gauge soil moisture levels to know when to start irrigating
  • Councils can check water quality so they’re aware of any irregularities
  • Facilities managers can report the temperature and CO2 levels in meeting rooms for better staff productivity
  • Restaurant owners can get an alert if fridges or freezers malfunction
  • Construction project managers can track decibel readings onsite to make sure that workers are safe

How IoT works

Here’s how the internet of things works with your assets:

Put a sensor on or in your assets, such as company vehicles, machinery and fridges. This device lets you monitor the location of the asset and/or track its performance.

The device sends the information it's collecting about the asset via the Spark network to a reporting dashboard. All you need to do is check the reports to see the status of your assets. You can even set up alerts so you can take action.


Why choose Spark IoT


Spark’s IoT solutions are helping solve customers’ business problems across New Zealand.

Best in class

Spark brings together a range of local and international partners to make sure you have the most suitable device and platform options for your business.

IoT ecosystem

Our ecosystem of IoT solutions includes devices, platforms, networks and analytics. Set up an end to end solution, or pick and choose to suit your needs.

Expert support

Spark has a dedicated IoT customer support team, including account managers to after-sales service support.


Your security is of the utmost importance to us. All our devices and platforms go through rigorous testing and run on Spark’s secure networks.

Understanding your business

We’ll discuss your business problems so that we can work with you to create the best solution. We want to help you get the maximum value from your assets.

Keeping it simple

We’ll make it is easy for you to set up your IoT solution.

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