Perfect for offering your customers free-of-charge calling

Our toll-free service enables you to advertise a free number that your callers can call at no charge to them while you pick up the bill via your monthly Spark invoice.


Toll-Free is packed with options and features that enable you to manage calling to best meet your customer’s needs. Direct calls to your closest branch and use detailed reporting information such as location of calls, time of day and missed calls to help improve your service and meet customer demand.

Choose between 0800, 0508 and word numbers and local, national and international toll-free calling. You can also easily bring your existing toll free number to our market-leading service.


Unlike any other toll-free service on the market, our self manage option allows you to easily tailor and control contact centre call flows and performance online in real-time.

to suit

Choose local, national, mobile or international toll-free options and numbers starting with 0800, 0508 or even words. It’s also possible to transfer your existing number to our service.

Follow Me

Easily update answering points using a touch-tone phone.

Detailed reporting

Analyse location of customer calls, time of day and missed calls.


Divert calls to any landline or mobile phone and choose geographical diversions or to other answering points if the call is not answered.


Using a tone-driven menu, your callers can choose options to direct them to the correct team or branch.

Courtesy response

Play a pre-recorded message to your caller before the call is answered.


Only callers with your 4-digit PIN can call your 0800 number.

Toll-free self manage

Easily tailor and control contact centre call flows and performance online in real-time.

Minimum 24-month term applies. Contract disconnection fees may apply if your contract ends early. In order to access Toll-Free, Spark fixed voice access is required. Spark terms and conditions apply.

Available extras

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