IP Centrex

A perfect Voice over IP (VoIP) solution for OPEX-minded businesses

IP Centrex is a cloud-based, high quality voice and calling access solution using VoIP that’s gaining popularity as a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to maintaining an onsite PBX. As it seamlessly integrates mobile and fixed calling into a single environment, it means your people only need one number and one voicemail for their communications.


With IP Centrex you can tailor the service to fit the individual needs of your people, assigning fixed profiles for those who are desk-based, mobile profiles for those that work out in the field and combined fixed and mobile profiles for those who do both.

This means your people can each get the functionality they need – while you don’t pay for more capability than you require. It’s easy for your people to manage their call set-up and routing through an online portal, a desktop toolbar and a mobile phone client.


IP Centrex easily integrates with your onsite data connectivity and managed data services so you can share a single physical access connection and router for cost and service management efficiency. It’s also powered by the highly resilient Broadsoft VoIP platform and managed by our team of technical experts, 24/7.

Single calling

One number and one voicemail with a common dialing plan.


Dovetails into your onsite connectivity and managed data services so you can share a single physical access connection and router.

Best of

Superior, robust IP network, powered by the highly resilient Broadsoft VoIP platform, with redundancy that ensures similar reliability to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).


Free calling between any of your fixed or mobile IP Centrex users and options for unlimited calling should you require it.


Range of calling profiles and team calling needs to suit businesses that may have fixed-desk workers, mobile or a combination of both.


Options to add automated attendant, ACD queuing and receptionist call management.


Managed by technical experts 24/7.


An online portal and desktop toolbar makes it easy to do additions, moves and changes.


Scale your service up or down to suit your needs, only pay for what you require each month and easily adopt evolving technologies. Subject to a minimum 24 month Service commitment.


Calls automatically re-routed if your connection is interrupted.

IP Centrex is billed on a per person, per month basis plus usage – standard calling rates apply as specified in your Spark contract. Free on-account calling applies. Minimum 24-month term applies. Contract disconnection fees may apply if your contract ends early. In order to access IP Centrex a data access is required - either Managed or Over the Internet (OTT). Spark terms and conditions apply.

Available extras

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