Perfect for outsourcing the management of your network infrastructure

GMS Network is our managed network service that provides device monitoring, alerting, performance reporting and management to ensure your LAN and WAN environments operate at their best.


The daily management of your network will be taken care of by specialist expertise and industry leading tools behind the scenes, capable of dealing with the most complex and large networks.

GMS Network is right for you if you:

  • are reliant on your network’s performance to drive competitive advantage
  • want to focus your resources on your core business activities
  • face customer demands, compliance issues or competitive challenges that demand network uptime or
  • are undergoing transition, growth or expanding into new markets.

End-to-end management

Device monitoring, fault and change management and configuration backup.

Intelligent reporting

Sophisticated monitoring and reporting portal that offers a single view of all network activity and advance warning of situations.

Unmatched support

SLA-based incident management system and skilled technical staff, who have more data management certifications than any other provider in NZ.

Proactive troubleshooting

Ensures early detection and diagnosis of problems.

Device monitoring

Switches, router and wireless device monitoring plus root cause analysis of device failures provides early detection and alerting.

Wireless network options

Wireless intrusion detection, event notification, wireless rouge detection, online reporting and radio frequency heat maps to protect and manage your air space.

GMS Network is charged on a per device, per month basis. A one-off implementation fee applies. Choose a contract term between 12 and 60 months. Termination of your contract earlier than the contracted period may result in early termination charges being applicable. To take GMS Network, you will need to connect to Spark’s Essentials. Spark terms and conditions apply.

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