Perfect for transferring large volumes of data between your local sites

Direct Connect is a simple, high-bandwidth connection that works alongside your LAN or WAN access and enables you to transfer large volumes of data quickly across your sites within a metro area. 


Whether you need to replicate data or create a diverse route for traffic to ensure business continuity, Direct Connect can be a great low-cost alternative to your core network.

Direct Connect is also ideal if you simply want to leverage applications and software between smaller sites and your head office.


As it is an unmanaged service, Direct Connect suits businesses who have in-house capability to monitor and manage a layer two Ethernet service.


A simple and cost effective layer two Ethernet service that enables efficient re-routing of business critical information offsite or data backup for disaster recovery purposes.


Dovetails into your existing managed services and provides a low cost alternative for transferring large amounts of traffic.


Enjoy the flexibility of extending VLAN’s between sites and running non-IP protocols not possible on layer three connectivity services. Set and forget diversity is available across your connections.

Interface options

Choose a standalone media converter for your service delivery point or small form pluggable (SFP) or extended form pluggable (XFP) devices installed on site.


Choose between throughput speeds of 1Gbps and 10Gbps.


Reactive break/assurance, 99.7% availability and 12-hour restore targets.

A one-off service establishment fee of $1,000 ex GST applies for UFB zones and POA for non-UFB zones. A 12, 24 or 36 month term applies. Direct Connect may not be available in all locations. Spark terms and conditions apply.

Available extras

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