Extend your WAN network to provide secure, reliable connectivity to Public Cloud platforms.

Cloud Connect WAN offers connectivity to the world’s leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

Spark has established diverse connectivity with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Connectivity to other Cloud Service Providers like Google is established through our cloud connectivity partner Equinix.

Using Cloud Connect WAN, concurrent connectivity can be established with multiple CSPs through the Cloud Connect gateway. Select different configurations and service options based on CSP capacity and your business requirements.

Multiple Cloud Providers

Establish concurrent connectivity with multiple CSPs through the Cloud Connect gateway.

Flexible network configurations

Supports connectivity from WAN and SD-WAN networks.

Dedicated bandwidth

Scalable bandwidth based on computing requirements.

Faster and secure

With private peering, delivered on secure private connections, with bandwidth guaranteed.

Our strategic partners

Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud