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Z Energy

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Providing speedy customer service at Z service stations and truck stops was not possible with Z Energy’s ageing network technology.


A cloud-based product from Spark called SecureME that securely connects Z sites with its head office and enables self-management through a cloud-based portal.


Better control, faster customer service at point of sale, smaller queues, repeat business and growing profits.

“For little effort and a set monthly fee it connects our branch network with our head office, and it provides us a fast and secure internet connection for our customers till transactions”

Vance Anderson, Site Systems Manager, Z Energy


Z Energy’s on-site network technology was ageing, it desperately needed modernising so the company could provide the kind of speedy and secure point of sale transactions its customers were saying they wanted.


SecureME to the rescue

In a drive to improve retail service through the use of ICT, Z Energy turned to their preferred supplier for all things network, Spark. Impressed with the capabilities promised by SecureME, Z Energy promptly signed with Spark so it could start receiving a faster internet connection and have all of its retail branches securely connected with its head office.


Peace of mind

SecureME is delivering Z Energy the point of sale transaction speed and security it was after, and with its automatic failover to Spark’s mobile network, the company never has to worry about turning customers away.


Site Systems Manager Vance Anderson says, that the simple-to-use cloud interface allows Z Energy to view and manage all of its sites, users, configurations and upgrades remotely; configuring rules to prioritise customer interactions or restricting certain websites can easily be managed. He adds, that SecureME is saving Z Energy in time and money as it no longer has to maintain its own on-site infrastructure, and technicians can now remote-in and fix issues at service stations.


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