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How can SD-Wan make your business more secure?

How can businesses attain a safe and reliable network for workers, wherever they may be? 

Does your business have multiple branches? If so, you already know how challenging it can be to provide your users the connectivity they need to work efficiently. A lack of oversight can introduce security gaps that cybercriminals could use to compromise your network, steal your data or even sabotage your operations. 

Traditional methods of provisioning branch offices include setting up a wide area network (WAN) which requires all data traffic to go through head office before accessing the internet. This method disadvantages workers in branch offices with significant delays and poor application performance. Only five years ago that was business as usual, but now more businesses rely on the cloud. Organisations use applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other business-critical systems accessed purely via the cloud. When you can’t guarantee your network performance, working in a branch office is frustrating and businesses lose their competitive edge. 

How can you empower your team to work just as productively and securely in a branch office as they can in your head office? That’s a question for organisations who are stuck in yesterday’s approach to cybersecurity. The modern solution is software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). With SD-Wan you can give users access to secure and local connectivity without compromising security. 

What is SD-WAN? 

SD-WAN brings the future faster with optimised, multipoint connectivity and dynamically supports applications to ensure they get the power they need to perform appropriately. If your users rely on video conferencing and collaboration tools, that traffic will get the bandwidth needed to avoid latency or lag. Meanwhile, applications that need less bandwidth are managed so they don’t take too much space. Because SD-WAN lets users connect directly to cloud services, it eliminates lag from traffic that’s backhauled through the head office. Applications perform as expected and usere productivty increases. The results are improved user experiences, lower costs for your organisation and less risk exposure. A secure SD-WAN solution ensures access to everything you need in the cloud withoutcompromising security. 

A more flexible future 

SD-WAN provides the flexibility your organisation will need well into the future. It empowers users to achieve the same experience regardless of their branch location and is essential to your business’s ability to compete. As the workforce becomes accustomed to the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere, attracting and retaining top talent will focus on how you provide a consistent and seamless working environment in your branch offices. Workers need to know their access to critical business applications is safe, secure, reliable and consistent regardless of location.

Spark’s Cloud Managed Network uses secure SD-WAN technology to manage your distributed workforce with built-in control, visibility, and flexibility. It lets you configure and provision users from a distance, set up security controls that align with your business needs and unleash your team’s productivity. 

Is your workforce safe and productive?

Find out how Spark’s Cloud Managed Network, powered by Fortinet, can protect your branch office workers, while facilitating seamless access to all the applications and data they need to work productively. Contact us today

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