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To provide a powerful network to connect its sites and people across the country, and support TVNZ’s increasingly large data transfer needs.


A private, fully managed, nationwide fibre-optic network with speeds up to 10GB as well as 19 fixed fibre points across the country.


A faster transfer of data is allowing TVNZ to deliver more relevant, timely and engaging news, resulting in an increase in on air viewers and online users.

“The speed at which we can turn video footage into breaking TV or online news for our audience is incredible.”

 Lindsay Chalmers, General Manager of Enterprise Operations



For TVNZ, surviving in the global competitive media-savvy world means delivering news as fast as possible. Audiences have come to expect real-time reporting, explains TVNZ, and with the the growth of the internet there’s been an explosion in demand for this news as online video.


In meeting this changing demand, TVNZ had doubled the amount of traffic running over its network.  The network was unable to cope with the large amount of data, particularly video files, that was being sent between its news bureaus across New Zealand. TVNZ soon recognised the need to seek out a higher-performing network solution to support its changing broadcast needs.


Powerful network backs breaking news


Turning to Spark, TVNZ went with Data Transport Service (DTS) - a private, secure and fully managed fibre-optic connection linking all of its sites located across the country.  


Supported by Spark’s resilient Optical Transport Network (OTN), which runs up and down both sides of the country, it provides TVNZ with the exceptional diversity and the business continuity it requires to deliver significant news - even in times of natural disasters, such as the Kaikoura-based earthquakes.


With an additional 19 fixed fibre points set up around the more populated areas of the country, some of TVNZ’s field-based reporters and camera crew can feed footage directly onto the TVNZ’s network without having to return to a TVNZ site.


The attraction of timely news


Gone are the bottlenecks of the past confirms TVNZ, instead staff can collaborate with ease and send and receive video footage at lightning speed.


Since the upgrade, TVNZ has noted an improvement in its performance as a news organisation: “we’ve seen an increase in users to our live streams of 1 News on air and our video stories that we post throughout the day.  New Zealanders have come to expect and trust us to report on the significant events as they unfold. Being voted the ‘Best News Website or App’ at the recent 2016 Canon Media Awards was a proud moment for us.


”TVNZ is now turning its focus to mobile capabilities. With Spark’s help in prioritising traffic on its 4G network, field crews are able to send video stories direct from their devices, where ever there is a mobile signal. “Alongside DTS, this will help us continue our drive to ‘deliver news as it happens’.”


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