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With multiple carriers and no visibility to manage its connected in-vehicle guidance systems, the high level of service TracMap’s global customers demanded was being hindered.


Connected Mobility – a cloud-based M2M solution powered by Jasper that automates the delivery and management of TracMap’s mobile services, giving better visibility and control.


Increased service reliability, lower operational costs and the ability for TracMap to easily control and scale the deployment of its guidance systems to global customers.

“Thanks to expert support from Spark and their Connected Mobility product we can easily manage and scale deployments of our guidance systems and grow our business globally.”

Colin Brown, Founding Director, TracMap


As the world-leader in providing in-vehicle guidance systems to the rural industry, it’s crucial TracMap provides a reliable connection. Customers all around the globe rely on it to plan, place and prove their in-field activities in real-time.


But dealing with multiple overseas Telco’s was proving to be a logistical nightmare. With no visibility on connections, TracMap would often not know about changes until a customer would call to say their guidance system had stopped working.


Customer service was suffering and so too were expansion plans. TracMap founding director Colin Brown says, the business was desperate for a ‘universal wireless data solution’ that it could ship with its guidance system display units and modem to any client worldwide.


The power of one

Opting for local providers, Spark and its Connected Mobility product is helping TracMap solve what can be called its ‘Internet of Things’ challenge. SIMs, mobile data pricing and automated delivery and mobility management is provided as one package.“


We have full control via a dashboard,” says Colin. “It’s very easy to customise and automate SIM provisioning and deployment, as well as update configurations, diagnose issues and manage network usage in real-time.”


"Unlike before, we can stock SIM cards and prepare them for shipping. It’s possible to set them to self-activate so billing only begins when clients start using the display unit – it’s simplifying our operations and reducing our costs.”


Control enables growth

Only six months into Connected Mobility, yet armed with new confidence in its service capabilities, TracMap has begun diversifying into new industries and expanding into new overseas markets.


Looking forward, the business plans to leverage more of Connected Mobility’s data analytical tools to match suitable pricing plans to specific sectors and clients. Colin says this will bring further cost efficiencies and improved customer service.


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