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Tauranga City Council



Enhanced collaboration without reliance on its on-premise PABX and managing staff software licences with efficiency.


Microsoft Office 365 Business through Spark Business Apps for a pilot group of 14 users.


The ability to trial and allocate cloud-based collaboration tools with minimal commitment and accelerate its decision on upgrading to the ‘right’ tools organisation-wide.

“Spark Business Apps is allowing us to adopt collaboration tools much faster and with far less commitment than was previously possible – its fast tracking our ability to shape Tauranga as digital-leading.”

Grant Strang, Chief Information Officer, Tauranga City Council


Consuming software as service applications is yet another step the Tauranga City Council has taken in its drive to brand Tauranga as a truly digital city.  Improving the way it connects and engages with its citizens and providing services that are easy to access from any place at any time is what the council believes will help make Tauranga a great place to live, work and play.


Business app centre with a difference

Before investing in an organisation-wide upgrade, the council is trailing Microsoft Office 365 Business and its collaboration tools through Spark Business Apps to see if it integrates well into its environment.


Skype for Business is a tool that the council is particularly interested in experimenting with, as it believes it may help it to operate more efficiently and ultimately offer a better public service.


The council says the pay per-user-per-month model offered through Spark Apps gives it a low-cost, low risk method to trial cloud-based collaboration tools. And with the charge automatically added to its Spark account, billing is easy.


License management made easy

With its single dashboard, the council also recognises that Spark Business Apps will allow it to see, assign and manage software for changes in staff, roles and reporting lines in a much more agile manner than before. It will eliminate the overhead of paying for software licenses that are not being used and ensure that its people are up and running with the right tools quickly.


Tauranga City Council sees Spark as its technology partner capable of accelerating the city’s shift to a digital world – it is working on a project that will enable the public to capture Tauranga-themed ‘selfies’ in mobile photo booths dotted around the city and at community events and share them on social media via Spark’s mobile network.


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