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With an outdated PBX phone system and rising maintenance costs, Sysdoc was looking into ways of improving collaboration within the organisation.


Spark Enhanced Teams provides seamless connectivity and saves costs by consolidating technology platforms.


Spark Enhanced Teams has enabled Sysdoc to replace an outdated PBX phone system and reduced the cost of maintaining multiple technology platforms.

“Spark has been great to work with, providing expert advice and support to get us up and running with SET in a short timeframe."

Bevan Davis, Head of Digital, Sysdoc


Sysdoc provides client consultancy in business transformation through innovation and digital experiences. Sysdoc’s consultants are flexible and energetic delivering transformational journeys for clients.

How Sysdoc operates
Effective collaboration is key to Sysdoc, as staff routinely work on client sites throughout the country. Their team need tools to help allow them to work across many offices with various clients. With an outdated PBX phone system and rising maintenance costs, Sysdoc required a solution that was fit for purpose. Spark Enhanced Teams (SET) encompassed the functionality of a modern workplace and room for future growth. This is exactly what Sysdoc were after.

Customer challenges

  • Outdated PBX phone system
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Consolidate technology
  • Move from on-premise to cloud storage


Spark Enhanced Teams (SET)

Sysdoc now enjoy a seamless experience, from Outlook to walk-in-working with SET meeting rooms. The calling feature from SET allows Teams to become the core tool Sysdoc use for communication with colleagues and clients. This convenience has enabled Sysdoc to replace their traditional rental access and merge their technology choices into one platform. Best of all, the staff were already familiar with the platform, so there was minimal training required.


Consistent experience

Sysdoc benefits from a consistent experience regardless of device type. Their staff can use personal devices while travelling between client sites and not miss a single meeting. Everyone can keep up to speed with every conversation in the office, due to the convenience of SET.


Complete collaboration

With conversations, phone calls, files and chats all in one place, collaboration has never been easier. Seamless connectivity to meeting rooms with one-touch join functionality means Sysdoc can save time without worrying about technology problems.


Smarter cost savings with SET

SET has enabled Sysdoc to merge its technology platform, saving costs without the need to re-train staff on a new system. Choosing SET has allowed Sysdoc to replace their outdated PBX systems and reduced the costs of maintaining multiple systems.



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